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Not bad, and fairly enjoyable for what it's trying to do. Feels like a very 'exploratory' map in the vain of Sonic Utopia's level logic, where the goal is very easy to reach but the level is filled with optional goodies and exploration, so you just wanna explore it all.

I will note some of my own issues I discovered, though. Two actually. First one's bigger, but the second one is more curiosity and confusion than anything.

1: You forgot to give each checkpoint it's own identity- each checkpoint is activated when the first one is, so it ends up making the others redundant and pointless as they won't work, and the player will always end up at the first checkpoint.
2: That Golden pity shield monitor that you can't reach without a whirlwind shield or a electric shield at the start of the level... Wwwwhy? I assume you forgot to check if the player could naturally get up there as anyone other than knuckles, which if it IS supposed to be Knuckles only, fine, sure... but even then there's a elemental shield alongside the bunch of goodies at the top of that little area, so again, why?
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