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Why... hadn't I tried this yet? I know I meant to, huh. Well, it's a pretty fun ride! Orbinauts with a time window mechanic are somehow something I've never seen, so that was pretty sweet. Seeing them after the Crushtascean actually caught me off guard, too, although it wasn't an unpleasant surprise.

Felt like a nice use of slopes, all around... the bubble shooters were pretty neat, too! Act 2's post-shift colormap was certainly a nice touch, which reminds me that hearing the Prototype knux theme really messed with my head while I tried to recall why it was familiar, heheh. All in all, I'd say what the visuals could best benefit from is a slightly buffer range of textures to highlight parts of the level -- I didn't get lost any, but there was a point where the area looked merged into the level boundaries more than was optimal. Maybe those scenery trees could've seen a tad more use along the main areas, too.

I felt the boss was a bit dragged out, but it was definitely serviceable and I wouldn't say it detracted any... although the attacks were pretty trivial once you realized running along the arena's wall was the most viable option to dodge em'.

Good zone, and definitely a solid start to the 2.2 generation of addons I say, three months late!
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