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D00D64 01-06-2020 12:59 AM

Espibee the SPB!
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Chasing people in a T-Pose just ain't as satisfying as a standard race sometimes, so feeling the need to stoop to the other racers' level, Espibee joins the race herself! As she drives, she also has her self-propelled ring around her. It has no effect on gameplay (as it would be quite unfair if it did), but it's a standard SPB feature nonetheless, and even flashes when you exceed your top speed! Now that an SPB is competing, you truly can't be safe! Oh, and a Lua-less version is also available, if you would like to do Record Attack, or if the ring just seems too distracting.

The original Lua script I used as a base (via Cream's Cheese Lua) by Steel Titanium. Of course, fickle's Kartmaker was used to make this, as are VelocitOni/Iceman404's pipe frame sprites, and Special Thanks to Tiniest Turtles, Journeyer, Superjustinbros, Lat', Amperbee, and anyone else I may have missed out on! I'd be a lot worse off without you all!

D00D64 01-06-2020 01:14 AM

Exploitation of Judge power means I can do bad all by myself.

ThatAzazelFire 01-06-2020 01:26 AM

Judge Abuse

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