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Novaphyer 04-01-2020 05:23 PM

Nova Pack v1.1 (New Update/Map: Golden Passage)
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I honestly wanted to wait to make a pack until I made more maps, but I've been busy and unable to as of late. So for now this is a WIP Map Pack with more maps to come in the future!


Deep Glacial
Attachment 29131

A 4 Lap Map with Black Ice (just looks black) and a lovely dark aesthetic, full of shortcuts and possible shenanigans to boot!

Based on Glacial Strata from Deep Rock Galactic.

Deep Glacial Changelog
-Changed the double U-turn to be bigger
-Changed angle of shortcut at x2 U-turn to head straight onto the road, making it easier to use
-Changed position of Item Boxes slightly and angle
-Increased amount of Item Boxes at x2 U-turn

Salt Quarantine
Attachment 29132

A 2 Lap Map with falling stalactites, breakable floors and pressure sensitive boost pads, a fairly simple map with some dynamic possibilites between racers!

Based on Salt Pits from Deep Rock Galactic.

Salt Quarantine Changelog
-Added Sound Effects for the triple boost hallway to better show that they're like buttoms rather than timed
-Added Sound Effects to the Stalactites trigger, so you know something happens when you drive over it.
-Changed texture of the translucent floor to something slightly more complex
-All pure red spikes are now a different texture

(NEW MAP v1.1) Golden Passage - WL4
Attachment 32623

8 Laps of frantic racing that puts your driving to the test! Once you hear that: "Hu-hu-hu HURRY UP!!!" (21 seconds in game) all boosters become active on the map and the real race begins.

D00D64 04-03-2020 02:15 PM

Welcome to releases!

Lightsideluc 04-12-2020 03:11 AM

Salt Quarantine is a really nifty track. The stark White-Red-Black colours are really striking, it has some nifty cuts that feel like they're a natural part of the course, and the clever use of the salt stalagmites falling when you drive over them is a great addition.

Novaphyer 06-03-2020 03:16 PM

New update! v1.1 Adds the final level from Wario Land 4, Golden Passage! As well as improving both Deep Glacial and Salt Quarantine!

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