Nova Pack

[Reusable] Nova Pack v2.1 (NEW HELL MAP + updated Brimstone & Howling)

Today is the day for Nova Pack's v2.1! This update brings updates to Brimstone Ruins, Howling Bogs and a new Hell Map are being released today! (also slight changes to Golden Passage)

Here are some of the major changes you might be interested

New Hell Map
-Check the overview for spoilers

Brimstone Ruins
-Music volume reduced
-Thumbnail change
-Bright inner edgelines added before offroad
-1st and 3rd spring panels removed
-Moved the 2nd sneaker panels back and split them up
(Brimstone got ALOT of updates, checkout the full changelog in overview)

Howling Bogs
-GBJ on first air spout is dead
-Raised ceiling and midair boost hitbox in the room right before the spiral
-Changed wind tunnel section first area to be straighter + better conveyance of what the waterfalls do
-There is no secret update

Deep Glacial and Salt Quarantine did not get any updates

Honestly, I kept meaning to release this update last month, but kept finding more things I wanted to fix/update, so thank you for being patient!