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[Reusable] Nova Pack v2.1 (NEW HELL MAP + updated Brimstone & Howling)

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Hello and Welcome to Nova Pack (v2.1)! Be warned, most of the tracks in this pack lean on the harder side comebined with some unique mechanics not seen in other packs. All maps here are made to be challening and fun as they can be once you learn the track. So I highly recommend learning each track's in's and out's, you might find some fun tricks here and there to help you win tight races!

Today is the day for Nova Pack's v2.1! This update brings updates to Brimstone Ruins, Howling Bogs and a new Hell Map are being released today! (also slight changes to Golden Passage)

Here are some of the major changes you might be interested
New Hell Map
-Look below for spoilers

Brimstone Ruins
-Music volume reduced
-Thumbnail change
-Bright inner edgelines added before offroad
-1st and 3rd spring panels removed
-Moved the 2nd sneaker panels back and split them up
(Brimstone got ALOT of updates, checkout the full changelog below)

Howling Bogs
-GBJ on first air spout is dead
-Raised ceiling and midair boost hitbox in the room right before the spiral
-Changed wind tunnel section first area to be straighter + better conveyance of what the waterfalls do
-There is no secret update

Deep Glacial and Salt Quarantine did not get any updates

Deep Glacial

A 4 Lap Map with Black Ice (just looks black) and a lovely dark aesthetic, full of shortcuts, heat pits to spring you up and possible shenanigans to boot!

Based on Glacial Strata from Deep Rock Galactic.

Deep Glacial Changelog
No changes
Salt Quarantine

A 2 Lap Map with falling stalactites, breakable floors and pressure sensitive boost pads, a fairly simple map with some dynamic possibilites between racers!

Based on Salt Pits from Deep Rock Galactic.

Salt Quarantine Changelog
-No Changes
Howling Bogs

3 Laps fighting the blistering winds and dangerous downpour gives you a map full of air time weaving in, out, below and above obstacles. Just be careful not to linger too long or go too far out, lest you never return.

Based on Fungus Bogs from Deep Rock Galactic

Howling Bogs Changelog
-Raised ceiling and midair boost hitbox in the room right before the spiral
-extended and raised offroad on the outside edge of the first waterfall
-added better textures for 1st shortcut
-changed wind tunnel section first area to be straighter + better conveyance of what the waterfalls do
-added a wall to the last turn
-top path offroad wasn't ALL offroad
-gbj on first air spout is dead
-There is no secret update

Brimstone Ruins

5 Laps racing over a once thriving kingdom, now abandoned and laid to ruin. An unfortunate eruption swept the land, now little remains in this compact and perilous spot.

Technically, this is a port map from SD F-1 Grand Prix (JPN) on the SNES

Brimstone Ruins Changelog
-Reduced music volume
-Added a bright inner edgeline before offroad to help with visiblity, similar to Volanic Valley
-Move 1st item set back a little so players could have an item sooner before 2nd cut
-Replaced death barrier with a wall next to the tower.
-Added a wall near the bottom of the tower
-Near the end of the course, there was a slight raised corner people kept hitting, fixed that
-Removed 1st and 3rd set of springs because they didn't add much to gameplay
--as a result, I've moved the sneaker panels a little backwards to help make the jumps better
-Moved the 2nd sneaker panels back and split them up.
-Bridge sneaker panel removed
-Extended and expanded 2nd jump's landing zone
-2nd shortcut has a very short pillar with a flame to better show the edge (flame spins out)
-Changed texture of conveyor belts and edges of road
-Raised slope edge after bridge for better visibility
-Added a protrusion on the edge of the offroad on the banked outward turn, to hint when the offroad ends
-Removed small deathpit and replaced with offroad in the corner of the broken tunnel

Golden Passage - WL4

8 Laps of frantic racing that puts your driving to the test! Once you hear that: "Hu-hu-hu HURRY UP!!!" (21 seconds in game) all boosters become active on the map and the real race begins.

Special Thanks to LatiusAuro for making a Wario Land 4 Hud work with Daytona!

Golden Passage Changelog
-Added some missing death planes
-aligned some textures
-tops of falling pillars had the default sky texture, fixed that

GSC National Park


All maps from this pack will be available to be downloaded individually.
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Latest updates

  1. New Hell Map! + Updates to Brimstone Ruins and Howling Bogs

    Today is the day for Nova Pack's v2.1! This update brings updates to Brimstone Ruins, Howling...

Latest reviews

Nova you have really cool ideas for maps. Even looking at your submissions for the mapping contest you always find ways to make the map interesting either visually or for gameplay. I like Salt Quarantine's dropping salt towers, Deep Glacial's spring panels inside hot craters, Golden Passage and the sneaker panels being sync'd to the music, and the hovering sections in Howling Bogs are a neat way to handle multiple higher paths.

The layouts can be fun to drive on too! I always enjoy seeing more snow/ice maps and Deep Glacial has some good ice placements! Salt Quarantine can be fun but I feel has way too wide of open space to drive through. Players can just stay away from each other easily to avoid item interactions because of it. Howling Bog's first cave entrance is cool, but I feel like some of the texture usage can appear to be a tad "busy" where it is a little hard to tell what is going on. Brimstone Ruins at worst I feel pretty neutral on, so good job there. Golden Passage I'm not sure what the point of the waterway is for, since it seems slower than the normal road and feels like a way to trick new players unfamiliar with the map.

All of these maps are still of very good quality. It's great to see how far you have come as a mapper!
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The theming on these maps has always been unique compared to other maps. These are generally very fun and quite challenging to master, but prove to be nice ways to show you can come up with new locales without necessarily basing yourself on vanilla maps for starters.

Do mind, though, that some of the layouts can be very frantic! This is a map pack for skilled players.
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