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TrustyGun 12-23-2019 03:18 PM

Sempiternity Shores Zone
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A three-act zone, complete with a custom boss fight. I initially started working on this before 2.2, but then it came out and I decided to work on the level for 2.2 instead! Please report any issues/bugs you see while playing, and of course criticism is always appreciated.

Spoiler: Changelog

  • Initial Release
  • Fixed some texture alignment issues
  • Fixed the ear-rape that would happen if a bot despawned while in a Fling Bubble
  • Added a delay before Fling Bubbles respawned
  • Fixed a bad-argument bug with Kokonauts (hopefully).
  • Fixed some slime trails.
  • The names of the levels now display properly in the level select menu.
  • The colormap in Act 2 now affects the skybox.
  • Fixed the terrible lighting in OpenGl for Act 2 and bits of Act 1.
  • Stray-Bolts is now compatiable with Silver and Yoshi.
  • Fixed a few bugs with Stray-Bolts.


In the event I do not log in for a month and cannot be contacted, I give blanket permission for STJr and its appointed staff to coordinate and approve the porting and maintenance of my releases on the SRB2MB, except where stated otherwise. I reserve the right to ask for those ports to be taken down or replaced if I return. You may not edit my work to create other content(such as Original Characters or Remix Stages) unless specified.

MellowJacket 12-24-2019 12:20 AM

This is actually pretty good! I really appreciate all the work that's gone into this, original gimmicks, enemies, a texture set and a custom boss. I dig this a lot.

And Rhythm Heaven music shows you have some damn fine taste too.

chase 12-24-2019 12:59 AM

An absolutely wonderful group of maps to play through, I love the use of colormaps for these maps that give it a very whimsical air about it combined with the energetic Rhythm Heaven music made it very enjoyable bouncing off the clouds and riding inside bubbles within.

The boss itself was a fun bullet hell boss that isn't particularly trivalized by Fang due to the limited vulnerability period making you have to play as well as any other character which is something I greatly appreciate as well, I can only hope more 2.2 maps can be as great a experience as these levels were.

Logan8r 12-24-2019 01:37 AM

This is a pretty cool zone with nice music and a cool boss fight, the bubbles were fun too.


The boss itself was a fun bullet hell boss that isn't particularly trivalized by Fang due to the limited vulnerability period
RIP Fang Gang lol

Frostiikin 12-24-2019 01:38 AM

This was quite a fun level! My only complaint is that i got a little lost a few times, not as in i didn't know where I was, moreso i didn't know where to go... So a few arrows that point you in the right direction would be appreciated. Other then that this was really fun, I loved the twist of it turning into a sorta snowy level in act 2!

Augus 12-24-2019 01:42 AM

Damn those are some nice-ass colors

Frostav 12-24-2019 01:56 AM

That bubble thing glitched out for me and started playing an extremely loud sfx and wouldn't stop, I thought it would near blow my speakers out.

EDIT: Okay it didn't do that as Sonic. If the AI Tails gets in it then it'll spam the pop sfx when it breaks like the game is stuck, sounds like a machine gun lol

Logan8r 12-24-2019 02:06 AM


That bubble thing glitched out for me and started playing an extremely loud sfx and wouldn't stop, I thought it would near blow my speakers out.

EDIT: Okay it didn't do that as Sonic. If the AI Tails gets in it then it'll spam the pop sfx when it breaks like the game is stuck, sounds like a machine gun lol

Yeah i got that glitch. lol

ShihoAJoke 12-24-2019 02:30 AM

I gotta say that i really like this stage alot, not only they're fun to go through but it also has a unique feeling to it. The texture work and stage design are decent though the stage feels really flat abit. The gimmick is really fun though i wish you could cancel out the bubble mid air but good though and i can see this has been use quite good for secrets and high hills.

I also chuckled a bit when i heard the cloud's cries are Amy's cries so thats a big plus. Anyway, Good job mate!

Frostav 12-24-2019 08:49 AM

As for the levels themselves, they were quite fun, though the second act was major confusing--there's a giant indoor room at the end that is totally optional and unnecessary yet the level design kinda funnels you into it. Other than that, I enjoyed them!

CyanS 12-24-2019 10:09 AM

Pretty enjoyable maps to playthrough. I really liked the aesthetic you went for, especially for act 2, and the music choices were great.

I do think that some areas (mosty in act 2) were too open. I ended up losing track of the intended path anytime I strayed a bit too far for some exploration. I think some of those sections could do with more streamlining to not only make the path more obvious but also make the platforming that's kinda scattered around more mandatory as right now, someone who knows where the exits to each rooms are, can very easily directly head there which make for a boring experience when there is so much more going on in each area.

Oh and I also got this error that crashed the game on the boss' appearance at the start of act 2:

WARNING: ...addons\maps\VSL_Semp_Shores_Zone-v1.pk3|LUA/LUA_KOKO:76: bad argument #1 to '?' (MOBJ_T* expected, got userdata)
Only happened once though.

TrustyGun 12-24-2019 04:07 PM

Thanks for the comments and feedback guys! :) I just uploaded a new version that should fix some bugs, like the earrape with the Fling Bubbles. The changelog is in the OP. I will probably tackle some of the level design issues after Christmas.

Fizz 01-02-2020 02:47 AM

Sweet level pack! I think you need more/better screenshots, I didn't know if to download it or not because of that.
Glad I did.

TrustyGun 01-06-2020 02:46 PM

Another minor update, check the changelog to see what changed.

softchassis 01-23-2020 02:49 PM

My friend and I played this after we finished a round of co-op, we were super impressed. The boss is cute and the colors and music are great.

Logan8r 03-04-2020 03:57 AM

I've discovered a glitch with Stray-Bolts, in multiplayer if a player dies during his final phase he will become softlocked and never become vulnerable .

TrustyGun 03-26-2020 06:04 PM

There's a new update for SSZ, which fixes the OpenGL lighting and makes Stray-Bolts compatible with Silver and Yoshi.

Naluigi 03-27-2020 07:16 PM

Found a problem with Yoshi and the Kokonauts.

TelosTurntable 03-29-2020 05:19 AM

Why... hadn't I tried this yet? I know I meant to, huh. Well, it's a pretty fun ride! Orbinauts with a time window mechanic are somehow something I've never seen, so that was pretty sweet. Seeing them after the Crushtascean actually caught me off guard, too, although it wasn't an unpleasant surprise.

Felt like a nice use of slopes, all around... the bubble shooters were pretty neat, too! Act 2's post-shift colormap was certainly a nice touch, which reminds me that hearing the Prototype knux theme really messed with my head while I tried to recall why it was familiar, heheh. All in all, I'd say what the visuals could best benefit from is a slightly buffer range of textures to highlight parts of the level -- I didn't get lost any, but there was a point where the area looked merged into the level boundaries more than was optimal. Maybe those scenery trees could've seen a tad more use along the main areas, too.

I felt the boss was a bit dragged out, but it was definitely serviceable and I wouldn't say it detracted any... although the attacks were pretty trivial once you realized running along the arena's wall was the most viable option to dodge em'.

Good zone, and definitely a solid start to the 2.2 generation of addons I say, three months late!

Whitus 06-16-2020 04:48 PM

When this came out, I just went, played this, and praised it when I was comparing this to Null Space and Koopa Kavern. But today, I just decided to play with this again. I just figured out I... don't really like this level. (i mean i already thinked and felt this before i played this zone today) The visuals may be neat, but then if I'm done with the visuals, then the level design should be good too. The gimmicks you used were creative, but not enough entertaining tbh. Wasn't really a fan of the "new" enemy what you used which was just basically a reskin of Pointy. The boss was creative, although not really entertaining for me. Plus, defeating the boss took a bit long (1:56:00 as Modern Sonic). The music was meh too.
TL;DR This level is mediocre in my opinion. I enjoyed this level a bit, but I wouldn't praise this if someone would ask me to do that. I'd give it a 5/10. Even an ugly level could be more entertaining than this if the level design is well good enough for the gameplay I want to choose (speed characters), such as.. well, Brasil Land from the old Zaxel's Levels.

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