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09-02-2015 until 12-31-2020
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Official Level Design Contest Entry Rules

Welcome to the SRB2 Official Level Design Contest, commonly abbreviated “OLDC” for short. Please read the following rules if you're interested in entering the contest.
  1. All levels must actually work! Levels will be judged in single player, not multiplayer. Make sure your stage doesn't crash when played as intended, especially make sure to have enough player starts and the level is completable.
  2. Previously released content is ineligible for the contest. In other words, if your level had a widespread release on the forums, elsewhere on the internet, or in another level design contest, you may not enter it. Small beta testing releases are perfectly fine. Also, basing your map on another previously released SRB2 level is not allowed.
  3. The map must be your own work. You may not enter levels that are straight ports or slight modifications of other levels. You may base your level on existing levels from other games, but this is discouraged.
  4. You can only enter one map per contest. Collaborations are allowed, and the same person can be involved in multiple maps, but there cannot be multiple maps made by the same group of people.
  5. Entries need to be on MAP01 or otherwise immediately load when the player starts up a new game.
To make a submission, create a new topic in the Contest Submissions subforum. Each submission needs its own topic, with the name of the level in the subject line. In your post, you should provide the name of the stage, names of any collaborators, and attach a ZIP or RAR archive containing your level. Do not use SendSpace, Rapidshare, or other file hosts; files hosted on such servers will not be included. Entries that are intentionally bad or unplayable may be rejected.

All contest submissions are due by 7:00 PM local time in the eastern time zone of the United States on the last day of every other month. Because of Daylight Saving Time, this is GMT-4 on April 30th, June 30th, August 31st, and October 31st, and GMT-5 on December 31st and February 28th/29th.

Any late submissions entered before the compilation is created might be included, but there is no guarantee of this, so please get your entry in on time. Entries that miss the cut-off will be entered into the next contest period. If, for any reason, the contest deadline is extended, an announcement will be made announcing the extension. The deadline will never be cut short.

Judging consists of voting in a topic on this forum, starting the instant the files are uploaded, and continuing until approximately two weeks after they were uploaded. The exact time when voting will end will be shown when the files are uploaded.

Any member can vote, ranking the maps from first to last. For each vote, each map gets n-r points, where n is the number of maps in the division and r is the rank it was given in the vote (1 = first, 2 = second, etc). When voting on your own map, always list your own map in first. If you entered a collaboration, your entire collaboration votes as a group. At the end of the voting time, the map with the most points is the winner.

Contest winners will receive a "Contest Winner" title on the forums until the next contest voting finishes.

All entries are welcome, from beginners to advanced level designers. Even if you don’t win, this is an excellent way to get feedback on your stage to help improve. Collaborations are allowed, and testing is strongly encouraged.
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