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Ghost Battle > Flicker Lights Zone > EGGMANWAY7:Quest for Eggmanways 1 through 4 - REVENGE OF FINAL DEMO > Emerald Flower Zone > Mother Lode Canyon Zone

And here's why I think so:

Ghost Battle
The boss feels very repetitive and non-threatening. The outside form doesn't put up much of a fight and the inside makes you wait a lot. Some more attacks and more impactful attacks would do the trick in here. Slightly disappointed that the fight didn't go into the forest that was in the background. Still, I had fun until the second phase at least, where it started feeling like a drag.
Also, Sonic & Tails seem to break the inside form once you beat it on any further playthroughs.

Flicker Lights Zone
The light gimmick is nicely done and doesn't overstay its welcome too much. The only gripe I have are the very frequent death pits, even on places where you wouldn't expect them. The path split in the level seems odd, as the left path feels as if it throws more things at you than the right one. The right path also left a better impression on me with its Deton chase at the end.

EGGMANWAY7:Quest for Eggmanways 1 through 4 - REVENGE OF FINAL DEMO
The name and the opening cutscene left me thinking this would be some big parody, much to my disappointment. The level itself, while it captures the looks of the original perfectly, has annoying platforming that seems to always show you every other platform ahead of time, making you spend time searching for platforms. Fine normally, not so much when under a time limit.

Emerald Flower Zone
This level feels like Greenflower Zone's fatter, less charismatic cousin that wishes to be like him once he grows up. On its own, there's really nothing interesting to note apart from the huge size, as if it was scaled up after being made. The path splits aren't that great, especially the one at start, where the high path is (or at least seems to be) a lot faster than the lower one.

Mother Lode Canyon Zone
Much like Emerald Flower before it, this zone is huge for no apparent reason. Unlike that zone, however, it tries to be gimmicky and fails at it quite a bit, with endless death pits and weird timing on things. It's especially bad in the end where I had absolutely no clue what I did, but it worked. Searching for secrets seems pointless, since there don't seem to be any, though I did run into a dead end once or twice by walking through a seemingly normal wall.


Ghost Battle > Eggmanway7 > Flicker Lights Zone > Mother Lode Canyon > Emerald Flower Zone

Ghost Battle: The most interesting boss I have ever played since Robo-hood in 2.0. I love it. This boss is fun and tricky, although a little long. I just couldn't help but mention that if you plan to do a rerelease on this boss, PLEASE, extend the range of his inhalation attack. There were moments where I avoided the attack by being on the other side of the map, or being far away from it.

Eggmanway7: I heard of the Eggmanway series, and about it not being good or something... But the metal sonic race shown here allows me to join the pack. But to be honest, I like it, it was challenging, VERY challenging, and the ending pretty much got me rolling.

Flicker Lights: The moment I looked at this zone, I re-imagined the light platforms from Haunted Heights. While this level was NOTHING like that (Thank God) It was a little dull, the light... DOES things... but it shows no proper purpose other than to warn the player about things. Though, what got me a little scared were the red eyes in the Zone. What the hell were they for?! Anyways, I liked the exit of the level, it had made me think for a few seconds, thinking: Why the hell did I spawn in an abandoned factory?! But eh, better than the last two.

Mother Lode Canyon: Megaman Legends 2? I think not. This level is just an anniversary of level elements I liked the least in SRB2. Rails in midair (Blue Mountain Zone), Rope hanging in Mid Air (Arid Canyon Zone), Mid-air Fans (Sonic's Final Egg From SADX 2.0), and hidden pits in a stair sequence. Good. Lord. In the future, please try to look over these segments listed, these are examples of what not to put in a sonic level, or just levels in general. (Some people would dislike this critique since the only level I made was Battlefield, but eh, this is serious business)

Emerald Flower Zone: Glaber, a day before the end of submissions, I warned you two weeks is a bad amount of time to create a level. This level is a perfect example of this. Please, try to make the levels a little INTERESTING. Add a new enemy, make the level challenging, and at the very least, take SOME TYPE OF TIME. You had four months... Anyways, the level was dull and while i didn't get GFZ2 out of this, It just seemed like I couldn't stop finding shields all over the place. It was too easy, and while I don't mind new beginner levels, they don't fit at all because we have GFZ to provide beginner stuff. Like Sonic Says: Gotta Try Harder! ~ Sonic Riders.

I'm not feeling confident about the MP levels, but I'll save room for a review (maybe)

LJ Sonik

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Eggmanway 7 > Ghost Battle > Flicker Lights Zone > Emerald Flower Zone > Mother Lode Canyon Zone
Seabound Ruin Zone > Archive Stronghold Zone > Rocky Field Zone > Grift Relic Zone
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Kart Krew™️
Ghost Battle
Flicker Lights
Emerald Flower
Mother Lode Canyon

Reviews will be added to this post later.

Note: votes are not final, I may adjust them later if necessary
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Is actually
Archive Stronghold Zone > Seabound Ruin Zone > Rocky Field Zone > Grift Relic Zone
Magma Plant > Dual Heavens
Single Player division
Flicker Lights > Eggmanway7 > Ghost Battle > Emerald Flower > Mother Lode Canyon

Flicker Lights Zone by Kevin
Okay, let's be honest here. Out of all the maps in this contest, this is the one that I've felt has some replay value. Playing this in OpenGL just feels like an annoyingly dark level with occasional lighting, but in Software the darkness becomes a rather unique gimmick. The evil eyes were a nice addition to the level, too. The only issues I have is that the laser beams were cramped into one spot then never used again and the left path was more difficult than the right. Other than that, this was fun to play.

Ghost Battle by chi.miru
Well, why did this fall to second place? Because it's easy (thok for a bit, wait to get sucked in, avoid obstacles, thok a little more, then get out) and repetitive (repeat the previous scenario about 2 or 3 times). But there's no way in hell that I'm going to make something this advanced or creative, so kudos to that. Also, what's with all the extra stuff below the battle arena?

EGGMANWAY7: Quest for Eggmanways 1 through 4 - REVENGE OF FINAL DEMO by Zipper and toaster
I know, I know, it's intentionally bad, and I love that. In fact, I loved every single bit of this map. There just wasn't enough.

Emerald Flower by glaber
Is rating this higher a new meme? I don't see how this map was better than the others. Again, it's just a bigger and uglier GFZ2 which happens to have some unlockables, of which I didn't bother to get because the map is enormous.

Mother Lode Canyon Zone by Chaobrother
This map got submitted for the sake of having entries in the contest. Mostly everything is above a death pit (why??), the enemies don't match the theme of the level and it's visually empty overall. Thankfully, this is unfinished, and thus there is room for improvement, but the level as it is right now is just bad.
Match division
Archive Stronghold > Rocky Field > Seabound Ruin > Grift Relic

Archive Stronghold Zone by Spherallic
Can't hit the enemy, getting distracted by the scenery. 0/10.
Seriously though, this map is so beautiful my computer can't even handle it. Or at least it tries to, but it lags while doing so.

Rocky Field Zone by *icefox*avp*
I liked the mix of gray, green and blue here but it's a bit cramped, and thanks to that I find myself getting stuck in corners a lot. There's also a bunch of rings here, but not as much compared to the atrocity that is Grift Relic.

Seabound Ruin Zone by Knux576
ThatAwesomeGuy173 fell down a bottomless pit.

Grift Relic Zone by Brawl
It's ugly. Really ugly. First of all, the map's way too tall, there's too many rings, the pool's extremely deep, weapon pickup placement is poor and most of the time the pipes don't even work! There's also a really long hallway which just begs for anyone in there to get railed (if you can get the rails, that is). The inclusion of Thwomps and pipes outside of Mario levels is ridiculous. I did like the shadows the blocks in the middle casted, though.
The only reason I've rated Seabound Ruin higher than this was because that map looked pretty.
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Emerald Flower > Ghost Battle > Flicker Lights > Eggmanway > Mother Lode Canyon

Probably not to get reviews later.
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Kart Krew™️
Emerald Flower > Flicker Lights > Eggmanway > Ghost Battle > Mother Lode Canyon

Reviews coming: NEVER.
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Chaotic Chao

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Flicker Lights > Ghost Battle > Emerald Flower > Eggmanway > Mother Lode Canyon
half-assed reviews:

Flicker Lights: hard-to-see fun, left path is just plain harder for no good reason though
Ghost Battle: innovative and I like the bedroom, but...glitchy
Emerald Flower: GreenFlower Zone Act 3: Act 2 Edition; at least there's nothing here to dislike though
Eggmanway: irritating platforming under a time limit, just ERZ3 without the pizzazz that made it tolerable
Mother Lode Canyon: the spinning polyobjects were lol but that's about all I liked
In the end Flicker Lights is the only one I'd feel like going back and playing again, sad to say...

Jeck Jims

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Emerald Flower > Flicker Lights > Eggmanway > Ghost Battle > Mother Lode Canyon
Gotta say, pretty underwhelming all around.
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Emerald flower > flicker lights > ghost battle > egg man way > mother lode canyon.

Emerald flower: maybe not the most interesting, but it was kind of a chill level.

Flicker lights: interesting. The giant red eyes were a nice touch.

Ghost battle: I wish I could put this higher, but that wouldn't be possible without putting two levels in 2nd place. At first I thought it was going to be another tails doll boss, but was relieved that it was more original than that.

Egg man way: really fun boss, and challenging! It took me about 10-12 tries to beat it!

Mother lode canyon: not a bad level, but it has the "wide spaces no scenery" problem. Also, those spinning platforms (you know which ones) seemed bugged and kind of disappeared. Pretty fun level though.
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Single Player/Coop maps:

1. Ghost Battle
- Level design : The room that just slowly into a platform that rises up to your doom (kinda), the boss' appearance. The part inside the boss' head. PURE! GENIUS! The main stage feels a bit bland though.
- Obstacles (AKA boss) : The ghost's gimmicks are fun, a bit easy though but that's OK. The part inside its head though is pure brilliance. I love the fact that the ghost tries to crush you throughout the level (I was caught off guard, but I was crushed because I did a dumb move).
- Overall: I dunno about you guys, but if felt like fighting a boss in the Mario RPG series. The whole phase-transitionning stuff just doesn't help. It's not a bad point though. In fact, it was really well done. Great work!

2. Flicker Lights Zone
- Level design : I LOVE IT! It feels like we're in an abandoned factory or something. The music choice only complements that.
- Obstacles : Pretty fair to be honest. The whole level's gimmick is announced in the map's name, and it does a good job introducing it at the beginning. Overall, you should have a difficult time in this map. The sour point is the eyes section: the lack of light made me think that you would put gaps between the laser, while you didn't (or I didn't notice it).
- Overall: It was a really tough choice with the map below, so it ended down to personal preference (they don't call me Darkside for nothin'). Good job with this map!

3. Eggmanway7
- Level design : A race against Metal Sonic with moving platforms and lava. A pretty cool music to go along with that too. You nailed it! The level does really go along with the race. The alternate routes are a pretty nice addition. Too bad I didn't get to watch the scenery more.
- Obstacles : This level doesn't have hard platforming sections, and enemy placement is fair for this. I did pay attention to Metal Sonic, and the fact that he waits for the platforms as if he also was forced to go through the platforms is a very nice idea. Really like the idea of putting Detons, but they were a bit slow. Remember: it's a race, so players are supposed to go fast.
- Extra content : (I just got the info that the bad cutscenes were intentionally bad so this point has no right to exist, but I left it here anyway)
- Overall: Again, it was a really tough choice with the previous one. The level is great, the platforming sections are fair and even enemy placement is well-thought. It's a great map, and I'm eager to see more from that duo.

4. Mother Lode Canyon Zone
- Level design: Another huge map. It's not a sin to make big maps, but this one is too big. And the lack of details doesn't help. I do like the room at the beginning though.
- Obstacles: This is something that goes along well with the size of the map: besides for one area that requires you to beat some bots, the map is COMPLETELY EMPTY. Seriously, you have a huge map. Why not place enemies in it?
- Overall: When I saw that beginning sequence, I thought I did find the mother lode (HA), but I was clearly disappointed by the rest. There is some potential though; just keep working on the level and you'll get something really good.

5. Emerald Flower Zone
- Level design: This level is basically GFZ1 XL. It is huge, and it doesn't need to be that way. Otherwise, nothing really interesting.
- Obstacles: If this was supposed to be a enlarged version of GFZ1, the difficulty was right: not too difficult. The size of the level can make things very confusing for new players though.
- Overall: Not much to say about this map. It's simple, but needlessly big.

Match maps:

1. Archive Stronghold Zone
- Level design: This map is eye-candy. So much attention to detail, that I still haven't found all the paths to secret stuff and such. Hell, some people told me the map could be used for RPs and I definitely agree with them. It's a bit huge though, so it's hard to find people in the map with all the details.
- Object placement: The weapon placement complements the level design: quite a few of these are placed in more detailed spots (Grenades in a bedroom, Explosions in a broken cell or something, etc). This map also has a nice space/ring-weapon equilibrium.
- Overall: One of the best maps in this contest, no doubt. The design and the weapon placement go along pretty well.

2. Rocky Field Zone
- Level design: Another good-looking map. Lots of details were added to this map. While I find it annoying, the pedestals holding the Semi-Random Monitors are a really good idea. Kind of small, but not really a big deal (well, if you disregard the next point that is).
- Object placement: Weapon placement does complement the level pretty well too. However, there's a small problem with it: there is a lot of weapons in one single room. While this tactic is hindered by how it is design, one could guard that middle area and have most of the powerful weapons for himself. Another problem of this map is that it's way too generous with rings. I don't mind a map that gives you more rings than usual, but if there's a lot of rings around, management becomes a non-issue, which can be pretty troublesome once a skilled player has all the weapons he needs.
- Overall: A great map. Another beauty too look at, and the object placement, even if it widens the gap between the most powerful players around and the others, is well-thought. Great work!

3. Seabound Ruin Zone
- Level design: Another huge map. Again, it might seem that I hate huge maps, but I don't. However, there's a slight problem with this one: it's way too open. I dislike one of the maps that is already in SRB2 (guess which one) for this same reason (and a few others). Disregarding that, this map is quite detailed for its size.
- Object placement: Again, pretty good. But due to the size of the map, finding all the weapons is going to be troublesome if you don't remember them all (I played this map enough times to remember these, but even then, I was confused).
- Overall: Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad map. But the map's size along with it being very open makes running around very confusing.

4. Grift Relic Zone
- Level design: Bad, just bad. The level's way too big (jeez, I am bullying the big maps, am I not), and lots of stuff is wrong with the design: a completely useless zone, a rail corridor (the huge corridor that leads to a random monitor and 2 Grenade Rings), and an obstacle that can be triggered by SPECTATORS. Also, a huge problem with the pipes is that it doesn't handle multiple players: by my experience, only the first joiner can enter the pipe on the top, and he can't get out through the small pipe next to the Infinity Rings, so he's stuck there. Until he spectates. Also, what's the point of that huge pool?
- Object placement: Some of the weapons' placement is good enough, but some are really bad: the Autos under the big pool, the Scatters right under the Thwomps (and I should remind you that they are triggered by spectators), and the Rails in the bugged pipe area. The rings' placement, if not slightly too generous, is pretty lazy.
- Overall: I'm sorry to be straightforward, but this map reeks of one word: laziness. The concept is nice, but DEFNITELY needs some work.

CTF maps:

1. Magma Plant
- Level design: Very nice. Maps that use lava are often regarded as annoying (looking at you, Infernal Cavern Zone and Molten Fissure Zone), but in this, it doesn't feel annoying at all. In fact, it's a non-issue if you pay attention.
- Object placement: This is also well-done. Not much to say about those, although I did notice some rings that are too close to the ground. Hint: look near the bases.
- Overall: Not bad, not bad at all. The level itself is good, but some things could use some work here and there.

2. Dual Heavens Zone
- Level design: The map itself is good-looking. The hill part does slow down players with flag, but there's an alternate route, so it's not a big deal.
- Object placement: Let's get this out of the way first: WHERE ARE THE AUTOS? I have spent eons (hyperbole if you didn't notice) trying to find them, but to no avail. Second of all, I noticed some randomly placed rings right next to the pit, below the Infinity Rings. Any purpose for these? Third and finally, the Rails' placement is really random if you ask me. Otherwise, really nice job with the rest.
- Overall: As much as I'm trashing the makers for the object placement, it's not a bad map. But most of the problems I mentionned should be fixed (it's fine if you let Rails there, but it's really random). Do that, and this map will become really nice to play on (not that it's unplayable or something).

Alright, now back to non-existence I go!
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- Extra content : Completely doesn't matter in the rating, but I do want to mention that: could you polish the cutscenes? I understand if you had to finish the level ASAP, but it would be nice if they were better-looking (especially the first one, where Metal Sonic is supposed to be covered in blood), even if it makes me wait 1, 2 or 50 years. *makes puppy eyes* Could you do that, pweaaaaase?

It's supposed to be bad. Like, "we went out of our way to make this look terrible" bad. It's mirroring effortless cutscenes used in the 1.09.4 era.


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Ghost Battle > EGGMANWAY7 > Flicker Lights > Emerald Flower Zone > Mother Lode Canyon


Dutch word-doer
Eggmanway 7 > Ghost Battle > Flicker Lights > Mother Lode Canyon > Emerald Flower

Eggmanway 7, by toaster and Zipper: Video (<3)
The only map that managed to amuse me in some way. Silly cutscenes, silly level clear music, and also those Detons. The race was short but it didn't overstay its welcome, though the rising platforms are indeed a bit of a dumb design.

Ghost Battle, by chi.miru: Video
Not really much of a level, just a boss. But the boss is well made, and the part where you get sucked in was pretty surprising. Only thing is, it drags on for too long, and it barely changes in between the cycles.

Flicker Lights, by Kevin: Video
I can see what you're trying to do with the level, but I'm just not a fan of not being able to see what is in front of me. The level is well made, but it's too dark to see it.

Mother Lode Canyon Zone, by Chaobrother: Video
First of all, what kind of name is this? I do wonder what you were smoking when you came up with that name. Second of all making levels this big and with pieces of flatness without adding anything to act as scenery is really really boring, and makes the level go on for longer than it has to. Also, fans, floating ropes and polyobject platforming above death pits? No thank you.

Emerald Flower Zone, by Glaber: Video
Can't exactly give this points for originality, what with the blatant copying of areas from GFZ (GFZ2 in particular), only edited a little and made much bigger than they have to be. Using pancake.lua on this level actually made it better because it was just so goddamn tall. And the level is not even engaging, all it has is some Crawlas and springs. In Mother Lode Canyon there was at least the danger of death pits.
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Emerald Flower> Ghost Battle> Flicker Lights> EGGMANWAY7> Mother Load Canyon

Emerald Flower
1:06 : Emerald Flower was created after hearing that the contest may be canceled for the rest of the year if there weren't enough entries.

1:39 : Originally it was intended for there to be another path here. A small bit of the original path remains later on in the level.

3:13 : It was intended that for the good and powerful shields, you'd have to go off the main path.

3:31 : This bit was inspired by a bit from Green Flower's first Lake area, before and after the bridge existed. The original location of the checkpoint was also over here.

4:35 : This horizontal platform was created to help with exploration mostly for sonic players. It was also experimented with to see if I could reduce visual glitches with it by copying a part of the target sector as use as the control sector.

5:52 : This little cave was originally created when the level was intended to be Neo Emerald Lake act 2. The player would had been shot out of a water flow into the stage where geysers would come into play. The original Emerald Lake 2 was merged with Emerald Lake 1.

6:26 : This way came about while remembering the whole thing about "Go where I can See". I will admit, some of this does need a height reduction.

7:51 : I got the idea to do this vertical room from having the ceiling set to a certain height throughout the level. The height, and my experience with using a whole ton of FOF's in another series of levels is what brought this into existence.

Ghost Battle
8:23 : Am I suppose to battle here?

8:27 : What the? The room's changing

8:59 : seems like an easy boss fight at first. but I didn't expect the vacuum.

9:56 : Just when I thought it was over, I was wrong.

11:00 : this boss needs either a slightly bigger opening, or a small number of rings inside.

12:46 : Ok seriously? no opening at all? 

14:30 : Something out this way caught my attention, and sure enough I found this little detail below. An Entire courtyard!

Flicker Lights
17:49 : Not very effective in software mode.

18:54 : Anyone else reminded of the Half Life Hazard course here?

19:30 : The first time I found these eyes, it was apparently the only path split.

22:50 : Once I saw more of these with red lights, I figured they may be dangerous.

22:59 : Figuring out how was the hard part.

23:40 : I was wondering if I was going to see the lights used this way or not.

26:42 : Unnecessary story with kinda hard to read lines for metal Sonic.

27:20 : Excellent music choice!

30:53 : At this point I should note, the race doesn't give much time to think "what's this way?"

32:45 : and now I actually find out what that last path was for. Massive shortcut.

Mother Load Canyon
34:04 : I knew something was wrong when I saw how empty this bit was.

34:21 : the way this was designed, you'd think you should have been thrown up.

35:00 : Extra lives by the checkpoint usually spell out, expect death.

35:49 : I just went right through that rope, didn't I? That shouldn't happen.

36:00 : The ACZ2 music winds up not sounding so good after a while.

36:40 : Why place a hole here in the steps?

37:10 : Shouldn't these sectors be too high for sonic to step up or down?

37:27 : looked like there should have been another path or 2

37:58 : Yikes! these platforms are slippery and flicker!

38:42 : as this is another high death point, I'm cutting out some of the deaths

39:09 : Needs some notification that something happened.

39:24 : looks like a puzzle, but the door is already open.

40:16 : Shouldn't there be something up here? Like maybe even an alternate path?

41:00 : If you have enough time to make a fake wall you have enough to make it bustable. it's just another linedef action number.

43:30 : And yet another fake wall, but this one has an empty room behind it.

44:01 : there's either a missing texture or the floor at the door is too low

44:14 : Okay, if you're going to block the player, make it be a solid barrier not some invisible wall

45:13 : there's nothing here?

46:07 : where did that button come from? It wasn't there earlier.

46:17 : did anything change? It feels like nothing did.

46:41 : missing texture here.
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Ghost Battle > Flicker Lights Zone > EGGMANWAY7:Quest for Eggmanways 1 through 4 - REVENGE OF FINAL DEMO > Mother Lode Canyon Zone > Emerald Flower

Too lazy for proper reviews, sorry. Ghost Battle was fun and probably the best boss I've seen in SRB2, even if it drags on a bit. Flicker Lights was a creative use of darkness as a gimmick, but a few sore spots like having to aim on the springs in darkness drug it down a bit. EMW7 has memes, so I can't dislike it, but the level felt like clearing it was trial and error. The canyon map had a lot of really poor design choices and was about five times as big as it needed to be. Glaber's map was exactly what I'd expect GFZ to look like if he had remade it from memory; which is to say it has similar setpieces, but made worse.

oh yeah and before I forget, hi chee
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Emerald Flower > Ghost Battle > Flicker Lights > Eggmanway > Mother Lode Canyon


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Flicker Lights>Eggmanway7>Emerald Flower>Ghost Battle>Mother Lode Canyon

Flicker Lights - While the level wasn't spectacular visually, the gimmick itself more than makes up for it. Kinda gave me a feeling of tense throughout which is kinda hard to explain fully. gg yo.

Eggmanway7 - On the complete flipside this level is visually much better but the gimmick, Metal Sonic, I feel was a bit...tacked on? Like this level really didn't seem too designed around a race aspect or using Metal's own abilities making him feel more like an artifical timer than anything...

Emerald Flower - You...effectively made GFZ2. And oddly enough it feels much emptier and a lot less fun than GFZ2. Not much else to say about it...

Ghost Battle - I appreciate the effort in the boss fight...but the boss really is the only thing impressive about the level. And even then the boss honestly bored me with how slow and rareware-y it was...

Mother Lode Canyon - I...find this level a bit tragic. You certainly have the scope for something really neat but everything about this level is very...disjointed and feels like sorta a last-minute submission of whatever you had completed of the level. I see the level was stated as a demo in the subtext and I do hope it improves in the future but until then this isn't


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Flicker Lights > Ghost Battle > EGGMANWAY7 > Emerald Flower > Mother Lode Canyon

My thoughts
Flicker Lights: This was my first finished level in SRB2. It was inspired by the level "Blackout Basement" from Donkey Kong Country. For some reason, I didn't even think of testing the level in OpenGL, witch made the lights pointless because of how the lighting works in that version. Oh well.

Ghost Battle: This was a very unique boss fight. It was kind of long and repetitive though, and the green flame attack was a little annoying.

EGGMANWAY7: This was interesting, a little funny, and the level looked nice, but the platforming was pretty annoying under a time limit. I also thought that going left halfway through the level was an alternate path, but I found out it was for the start of the level after I ended up back there.

Emerald Flower: This level played nicely, but it is way too big, bland, and kind of boring. This one would do better if it was smaller and had something to make it stand out from the generic Green Flower look.

Mother Lode Canyon: This one was also very large and barren. The only enemies are at the end. The platforming sections weren't very fun or interesting. The giant spinning platforms were neat though, but they were just a bit too fast.
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