September/October 2014 Voting

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Alright I'm gonna start with sp votes...

Ring valley>Haunted heights>Mud Mines

Ring Valley
Well, I can say I really liked it! While the level itself is interresting, you want people to explore it, to make them see how good it is! I really liked the ring gates, tough the sun thingy was more annoying than enjoyable, because it cuts half of the player's fov.
Also the way to destroy the Boss's shield should be easier than waiting him to selfdestruct.

Haunted Heights
Well... I can say I liked it too. I haven't any complaint about it, maybe the appearing/disapearing platforms being annoying... But that's all. A thing I liked is how the pumpkin enemy looks like decorations pumpkin, you can easyly be surprised when you weren't looking it.

Mud Mines
Yeah, with the two entries below, we had absolutely no chances...
But we tried, at least. I tried to make the level longer because of people complaning about how short my other levels are, as for the darkness, I have no excuse, but I don't give a fuck to software when designing, because my computer hates it. So sure, some errors are there. And well, as you guys also hate level up systems, I'm gonna throw it away and everyone will be happy.


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It's a *good* computer, but decent computers can't run software without fps drops and tons of problems. Tough, old WinXP boxes can handle it without problems.
So I only use OpenGL, as I also think it has better visuals than software anyways.


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Haunted Heights > Ring Valley > Mud Mines

Reviews at some point! I have been very very busy but I did find time to play and this contest was a smasher! (even if it was comparitively small)


Just wondering, how can your computer not handle software mode?

Windows 8 does terrible, terrible things to Software. I'm talking 20- FPS on GFZ1 terrible.

SDL2 remedies that but I have nasty mouse problems with that for reasons undefined.


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...I'm using Windows 7 and Software runs fine for me.

You don't have to deal with my awesome laptop.
Anyways, let's get back on the topic :3.

Match votes!
Moonlit Island>Dark Mansion>Burning Oak

Moonlit Island
I haven't anything to complaint about, I really liked the way you placed the "shadows" and the moon too ;)

Dark Mansion
I liked it, sadly, it was a little plain. Nothing else to say

Burning Oak
The concept was interresting, but the players shouldn't respawn to the same place everytime he falls in the pit.


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So I'm just going to quickly rate these without much explanation because I'm really not feeling like it.

Haunted Heights > Ring Valley > Mud mines
None of these were particularly bad. They were all playable and had good aspects

Moonlit Island > Dark Mansion > Burning Oak
This one is pretty clear cut for me.

Evilflower > Eggflagsion > Idustrial Starlight
Evilflower and Eggflagsion were a bit hard for me to place, but I think I have to place Evilflower first because of Eggflagsion having no path connectivity, meaning you need quite a bit larger teams to defend the base and attack. Despite Evilflower being a bit complicated to me, and oddly vertical in places(?).


That doesn't actually matter. Read the voting post again:
If you are voting on a division that includes your own entry, you should list your own map as the best regardless of your opinion on the quality of your own map.


@Mystic: May I ask why that's a rule? Not that I think it's bad, but I don't understand why you'd enforce it.


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The rule is there to encourage the authors to vote. In the original voting system (where you gave out scores from 0 to 10), you couldn't vote on your own map, but if you voted in the division your map was entered in, the lowest score for your map would be dropped. This is the replacement for that rule.

And yes, it's hilariously unfair when you're collaborating on a multiplayer map with six people. Even if our map was the worst garbage ever to be released to the OLDC, it would still be leading right now because it's four author votes vs. two non-author votes.
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And if it's going to be enforced at all, then why say "should"? That implies that if I think my map is worse than the others and want to rate my map lower, I can.


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Yeah, based on the wording, I'm pretty sure voting your own map the highest isn't a "rule".


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It hasn't been enforced in previous contests either. If you want to shoot yourself in the foot, nobody's going to stop you.


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Single Player
  1. Haunted Heights Zone by EvilEnternity3000
  2. Ring Valley Zone by RedEnchilada
  3. Mud Mines Zone 1 by "Lat'" and Ors

  1. Moonlit Island by Spherallic
  2. Dark Mansion Zone by BlasterGuy
  3. Burning Oak by Brawl

Capture the Flag
  1. Eggflagsion by CoatRack
  2. Evilflower Zone by Zipper, SpiritCrusher, Badz, Spherallic and RedEnchilada
  3. Industrial Starlight Zone by BlasterGuy
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