July/August 2015 Voting

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I want to make a complaint, I'm new member and I do not know the rules and the English language, and this is my first participation in OLDC , I am a child of this page, you have to invert me without offending me, you must know that this report is translated by Google.
This is for Xkower8181.
And Mr Monster Iestyn Thanks for this data.http://mb.srb2.org/member.php?u=2383
Well I'm sorry for the bad thing i said about you okay yeah... I can be a jerk sometimes so sorry.

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Not here yet. Either Mystic or someone else (read: MascaraSnake as usual) will post the results eventually, probably tomorrow or something? Don't take my word on that though.


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If only someone wrote a script that could give unofficial results for until someone comes by and counts them up manually... Maybe it could even parse the thread automatically and account for different methods of voting... Hmm....


Sorry about the delay on basically every aspect of this contest. I've been quite busy with other things the last few weeks. Results:

Proud Sky Zone by Nekoishi and [REDACTED] - 10 points - 5th
Sonic & Knuckles Robo Blast 2 & Knuckles Ft Knuckles & Knuckles FlipgoopStation Demo by "Lat'" - 89 points - 1st
Technology Station Zone by XEFAGame - 30 points - 4th
Sacred Woodland Zone by HAPPYFOX - 58 points - 3rd
Scarlet Lake Zone by Zipper - 83 points - 2nd

Aquatic Corridors Zone by *icefox*avp* - 16 points
Final Destination Zone by Nekoishi - 10 points
Sunlit Wildlands Zone by Brawl - 4 points

Nameless Base Zone by Nekoishi - 9 points
Rocky Caverns Zone by Brawl - 2 points

Full vote listing:
PSZ 010000000040100000000030100
FGS 443423433214444434424422443
TSZ 101111111121211211111101212
SWZ 224332322302023123342214021
SLZ 332244244433332342233343334

ACZ 1222212211
FDZ 2111021002
SWZ 0000100120

NBZ 11110111011
RCZ 00001000100


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for anyone who still cares, I finally have my video for this contest up

If you see ads on the video, bear in mind that this is the result of 2 levels that did not have their music edited out.
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