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Also, 24 hours contests will have such bad maps! You need days, weeks or even months to make a contest map and interresting stuff with it if you want your map to be liked! Same for bosses, you can't code a GOOD boss with lua/SOC (whatever) within 24 hours, I tried once to make a small boss within 2 hours, it was total bullshit, seriously, even with my knowledge of SOC (I do not know that much, tough X))


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This was attempted once, about a year or so ago.

It didn't work.

Granted, said contest focused on a theme that nobody could tell you what was (Horror? Actually trying to scare people? Just halloween stuff?), so few people even bothered, and this brought the contest concept to an early grave, but still.

Insert CSI Miami here.


Long ago it actually was every month, but that was when the standards for content were a lot lower. The issue with extending the contest beyond two months comes more to how someone who enters their entry at the beginning of the entry period may have forgotten why they made some of their level design decisions by the time judging comes around. While having a lot of entries is important, getting people timely feedback is also important. It's a hard balancing act.

I'm not uncertain that quarter-annually would be bad for the contest though. If we had one contest every 3 months, it might not only get more results in, but allow for higher quality of maps because of extended testing and feedback time, and allows for more time to work on detail work on maps (though a fair counterargument would be most of the maps in this seemed pretty detailed).


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I'm with Rob. 3 months would be a good amount of time for contest submissions, and the only reason Glacier Gear made this contest was because we knew the contest was coming a couple months before it. That's why I'd think this contest doesn't serve as so much of a counterargument as simply an argument.

Hell, I worked on Glacier Gear for about three weeks longer than I've been with my girlfriend, and that was made official on 5th May, so my map wouldn't have made this contest were it not for the lack of contests before it.

I also know for certain that first place is a four year old pet project, so that makes two top entries that don't help your counterargument.


The assumption is more that because the contest is a repeating deadline, people who need more than two months to create their entry would simply enter when it's done as opposed to cutting their entry short when a deadline approaches. This is certainly not the first contest with multiple entries that had very long development times.


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Only because the last contest was forever ago and several people knew the OLDC would make a comeback before it was even announced.


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This is certainly not the first contest with multiple entries that had very long development times.
Might wanna read that again.

It happens all the time that OLDC entries are developed over the span of more than one contest. It's not like people throw away their maps if they don't meet the first deadline.
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