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Well, first thing's first, the November/December 2014 OLDC is cancelled due to having a single match entry. I blame Smash Brothers and Pokemon.

However, to sweeten up the pot and hopefully spur some actual entries and interest in the contest again, we're adding something a bit new this year. The winners of each division of each contest in 2015 will come back for a final runoff contest at the end of January 2016. The winner of each division of THAT contest gets to be included in the next major official release. A few extra requirements for inclusion and fine print:

  • Authors can update their entry to fix problems in their OLDC release before the runoff. This is quite encouraged.
  • Framerate has to be adaquate. Sorry, Seraphic Skylands, but if you won, you'd have to go through some serious scenery culling to make the cut for vanilla.
  • Easter eggs will not be included. This is not your one big chance to get fifteen ponies included in vanilla. =P
  • Obviously, entries will have to work with vanilla's gameplay mechanics. We're not adding your original character do not steal.
  • By letting us include the map, you are giving us your permission to update and maintain the map in the future. Let's avoid situations like Tree Ring in the future, shall we? Should the winner not want their map included for this reason, 2nd will be given the honor, etc. etc.
Proper rules for the runoff will be provided a little later, but I wanted to make it clear that we were going to have such a thing before the entries for the next contest get too far along. Also, just because the winners are guaranteed a slot doesn't mean we won't be interested in including other maps if we get a really good turnout this year.

Finally, there is a small update to the voting system to close the collaboration loophole: If you enter a collaboration into the OLDC, your entire collaboration votes as one for that division. How your group decides how to vote is up to you. All other benefits still apply, and you can vote individually for the divisions you didn't collaborate on.


Well, then let's see if I can get something finished in time for the next OLDCs.
I doubt my work will eventually show up in the runoffs, but eh, participating is what counts I think~
I like the idea by the way.


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Obviously, entries will have to work with vanilla's gameplay mechanics. We're not adding your original character do not steal.

Just to make sure I'm understading this right - Does this mean that no custom content is allowed at all? No custom enemies, bosses, scenery or stuff like the Gravity Shield I made so long ago?


It means that whatever you make has to actually work in vanilla's gameplay structure. While I'll need to write out some real limitations later, an easy way to think about it is that if the level would make sense in vanilla, it'd be fine. Out of all the things you listed, the only one that could be problematic would be an additional shield, as we're trying to limit complexity in that regard. Of course, if the level was good enough, we might be willing to stretch things a bit in that regard.

Essentially, the main purpose of that line is to ensure that maps use vanilla gameplay mechanics. For example, Dumbventure wouldn't work because it's based around a custom character's mechanics. Another example would be Zipper's Quickman map from a couple contests back, which changed the gameplay entirely to recreate Mega Man. As long as the vanilla three characters are playing the level normally, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.


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Guess I will start my entry, and try to not finish it into the same garbage like Mud Mines ended into :D
Probably won't be finished for this OLDC tough...
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Question. What will you guys do if the winner of the OLDC Finals has music that's from a different game?


Music you don't have permission to use for this can't be included. Obviously if you made it yourself or obtain permission from the original artist, then it's still fine. Otherwise we'd have to use another music track for it.


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  • Framerate has to be adaquate. Sorry, Seraphic Skylands, but if you won, you'd have to go through some serious scenery culling to make the cut for vanilla
I REALLY hope Spherallic can make that happen!

Seriously, it's an incredibly fun level and THINK of all the awesome places where Emblems could be hidden in it!


As I'm sure everyone has noticed, the multiplayer divisions have been completely awful for months. As such, I'm officially cancelling the multiplayer divisions and their runoff until further notice. The single player contest is still on, and the reward of being included in the game is also still on for that division.


lol jk oldc cancelled kthxbye

In all seriousness, this should surprise nobody, but the OLDC is cancelled until further notice due to lack of entries.


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I'll give it another shot, but I know I don't exactly stand too much of a chance. I do have a concept in mind at the moment though, so yeah. As long as I have fun I guess.


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I'd assume the OLDC would return when 2.2 comes out, since there will be much more interest then.


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Or not. Who knows. All i know is that i will be waiting


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I don't know what with you, but I'm waiting with eager anticipation to the next Official Level Design Contest :)
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