What does the Z stand for? Who knows! This pack is just a dump of characters that I've wanted to make without any specific direction as with most, expect everything from actual Sonic characters to literal whos from series or other things you probably don't know or care for. As such I've decided to divide the characters in the pack into four categories, with usually one being filled every major update. These are

Sonic Characters

Honey The Cat (From Sonic The Fighters)
Her stats are 4/5, being close to Knuckles to mimic her status as a clone of him in her respective game. Her default color is Scarlet.

Sega Characters
Characters from games made by Sega.

Fennec Fox (from Kemono Friends 3)
She seems to be looking for Raccoon. Being cool, calm, and intelligent, her stats are similar to our other fox's. Her default color is Mauve.

Hatsune Miku (from Project Diva)
The famous blue-haired idol returns sporting brand new sprites!

3rd Party Characters
Characters from games that aren't Sega.

2B (From Nier: Automata)
She fought for the glory of mankind, but now she's racing for the glory of the eggman empire?

Rokko-Chan (from Rokko-Chan)
The protagonist of the freeware doujin flash game of the same name finds herself crossing over with SRB2Kart. Her stats are 6/5 to invoke the feeling of balance while leaning towards speed, and her default color is Nova.

Other Characters
Characters from everything else.

Luluco by Caliginous (from Space Patrol Luluco)
A guest arrived to properly finish off the first wave! Despite being a horribly ordinary girl, her stats give her an advantage over most.

Updates shouldn't happen too frequently unless there's something terribly wrong with a character's sprites/sounds or I suddenly become motivated to push out characters more than once every few months. Individual characters are contained in the .zip file, should you only want to use one or a few (this will also be updated when the characters are updated).

Q: Why aren't Cirno and Mega Man in this pack?
A: Because they're months old and their quality isn't representative of my current work. The former is being remade, so keep an eye out for that.

Q: Where's Bark, The Persona 3 Protagonist, The GSC Rival, etc.
A: Coming soon™️...probably. I'd like to finish most of what I've started on before the end of the year, but I can't promise anything.

Q: Can you make [character]?
A: As my will and energy to make my own characters is highly inconsistent coupled with my already large backlog, that's currently an impossibility.
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