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Angel Arrow Zone 1.1(?): CHROMED Edition


With aesthetics inspired heavily by Wacky Workbench Past and a certain anime series comes Angel Arrow. I originally wasn't intending on releasing this until I finished certain aesthetics but said aesthetics will likely take awhile due to multiple reasons, mostly due to my interest in working on the map declining...but I'd rather not leave it in the abyss for weeks due to something trivial. Think of this as a sort of beta release in an attempt to gather feedback until I feel like working on it again.

The aesthetics aren't the only thing inspired by Sonic CD, as it's mostly flat design and use of familiar hazards like water and traps will be obvious to anyone who's ever played the special stages from that game.

As the map is flat the hazards will often be hard to see themselves, so I attempted to remedy this with flashing "DANGER" signs. Those familiar with Sonic CD will also be happy to know that all of the barriers ordinarily block your path can be used as springs.

Springs themselves are quite frequent throughout the map which will prove both helpful in skipping and getting to new areas, and also harmful for recklessly using them or capping your speed. Last but not least, just like Sonic CD's special stages there are 6 UFOs to destroy. UFOs grant you better item odds, so most of them are out of the way of the main route and instead only reachable via alternative paths. (from my own testing) When optimized, the main path is the fastest. This will hopefully discourage whoever is leading from going out of their way to attempt destroying UFOs at the cost of their own lead.

I could go on ad nauseam about my intended design ideas and the like but it'll ultimately mean nothing until more people actually play the map. So tl;dr

play the fucking map

All of the flats/textures were made by me, all of the ones that weren't are edited from Sonic CD (imported by Lat, apparently) and Knuckles Chaotix. If you think something looks like visual vomit please let me know and I'll attempt to adjust it to the best of my abilities.

read Chrome's post lol

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