xItemLib Core
  • Item Rigging, with xitemdebugitem enabled, press the item button to instantly give yourself the specified item. Use xitemdebugrig to disable this behaviour.
  • togglexitem can now toggle all loaded items; run this command with no arguments to do so.
  • listxitem now displays the toggle status of each item. Items in green are enabled, and items in red are disabled.
  • The Mine and Invincibility items now have the XIF_COOLDOWNONSTART flag.
  • xItem now properly falls back to the Sneaker item if no items can be rolled for a player.
  • Adjusted the logic for updating from old xItem versions.
xItemLib Sampler Pack
  • Pot of Greed cards can now be swapped for item rolls. Hold the Attack button down with an empty item slot to swap.
  • Pot of Greed's Exodia attack now coats the victim in first place in Jarate.
  • Pot of Greed's Exodia attack now reduces the user's Jarate cooldown by one second.
  • Pot of Greed's Exodia attack now grants the user a mini-turbo boost.
  • Adjusted the odds for Pot of Greed.
This update aims to improve the development cycle of future custom items by speeding up testing turnaround, making adjustments in certain commands to improve their overall usability. This update also addresses numerous concerns with some Sampler Pack items' usability, and updates some item behaviour to better match the currently released base game version.

Many changes have been requested by user Ashnal. The fallback fix was found necessary thanks to user DarkyBenji. Thank you for your contributions!
This is a minor update that updates xItemLib and the Sampler Pack to SRB2Kart 1.4+
xItemLib Core
  • xItem Extensions, to further extend and customize the functionality of xItemLib. (documentation coming in the future)
  • Minecraft-styled item cooldown, for use in custom items and extension functions to temporarily disable the use of items.
  • Added a 16-player cap to item odds distance calculation, in case xItemLib is used in games with more than 16 players.
  • Various fixes and enhancements across the board.
xItemLib Sampler Pack
  • Introducing the Stone Axe! The blocky yet powerful melee weapon is enchanted with Cleaving III, an experimental enchantment that prevents the use of a target's items on hit! Don't forget about critical and sprint attacks!
  • Mine Cannon Mines no longer hit the user.
  • Mine Cannon explosions use a new visual effect, different from normal Mines.
  • Mine Cannon fires ~66% faster.
  • Mine Cannon no longer has the XIF_POWERITEM flag.
  • Eggman Microphone's HUD elements are tweaked to better convey the effects.
  • Blue Shell tracking auto-switch now happens one second sooner.
  • Portable Pipe comes out of the ground twice as fast, and closer to the user regardless of speed.
  • Pot of Greed can no longer be rolled if someone has already finished the race.
  • Adjusted odds of the Mine Cannon, Eggman Microphone and Pot of Greed
  • Issues with Pot of Greed's Exodia sequence causing lua errors have been fixed.
  • Introducing xItem MultiSlot, a sample xItem Extension that gives players more item slots!
  • multislot_amount sets the amount of additional items slots players can have. Set to one extra slot to feel like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, or two to feel like Mario Kart Tour! Set to 1 by default.
  • multislot_eggbox enables a check against Eggman Monitors giving items in the extra slots. On by default.
  • multislot_powercooldown makes the cooldown for power items (items with the XIF_POWERITEM flag) longer when transferred to the main item slot. On by default.
  • A compatibility extension for Battle Plus is provided with this release, to fix issues with interoperability between xItemLib and Battle Plus. (Note: both xItemLib and dependants, including this compatibility script, must be loaded after Battle Plus for the extension to properly function.)
  • Added a graphical distribution debugger, can be enabled with xitemdebugdistributions.
  • Fixed the XIF_UNIQUE flag not working
  • Implemented kart-next's 0th place bug fix

Sampler Pack:
  • Added Pot of Greed. Use to draw two Exodia Pieces. Collect 5 to summon Exodia the Forbidden One
  • Added the Eggman Microphone. Use to play back a famous quip, and spin out all opponents ahead of you holding an item!
  • Added Hitfeed support for the following: Jarate, DKR Reverse Magnet, Pot of Greed, Eggman Microphone
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fix more issues related to jarate effects
implement more prep for a future mod
WIP: DKR Magnet now has an XITEM_DESCRIPTIONS entry for future use
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fixes issues related to blue shell and jarate effects introduced during sampler pack 1.0.4
preparation for a future mod, general fixes
jarate throw now properly scales the momentum of the thrown jar
fixed the Mine Launcher not appearing in the roulette
temporarily disabled compatibility with vanilla console variables as synch issues would happen otherwise
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Vanilla items can now be toggles via the base game's item toggle hud
Critical bugfix to the item toggle system
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