Wave 2 has now begun with the first character, Domo-Kun, now being added!
As of writing this, tomorrow will be my birthday (or as I like to call it, birthmas). So why not celebrate it by adding Yumi from Senran Kagura to the pack!

Since it's also the end of the year though, I'm gonna start splitting off characters into "waves" as I do more of them. Thus, any characters I do next year will be part of Wave 2 (and so on and so forth).

Once this update gets out, I also plan on updating the main thread to be a bit more simplified to accommodate for this new "wave" structure.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Mama has now been added!
In spirit of the spooky season, Carmine has now been added.

[NOTE: Mild language]
Yes, I'm not dead lol.
Anyway, Bounce Man has now been added.
Sorry for being MIA for a while. School's been kicking my arse, and I'm still thinking on who the next addition to the pack should be. But until then, enjoy these changes!

- FL Chan now has new voice lines, using Sophie from Persona 5 Strikers!
- Hive Elementress now has all of her voice lines! Since I imagined her to be the motherly-type, I chose 5-Volt from WarioWare Gold.
After my long hiatus, Mung Daal has finally been added!