Now with egregious and crude content removed. This won't get rejected this time, hopefully! Although it's April 2nd now 😔

Still, the pack isn't entirely clean, so a CONTENT WARNING is necessary (I mean hell, if Improper Technique got a content warning flag added by judges, then this is needed)
If you are epiliptic DO NOT PLAY THIS it contain FLASHING LIGHT and GUILLES BOOPE
This modpack is NOT E for Everyone! Contains swears and violence. Contains hugging! Oh no! Mild sexual lyrics and drug references in some music tracks. Proceed with caution.




After being consumed by the corruption at the end of Improper Technique Zone. Panic finds himself transprotatieotied deep into the
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The Hidden Trolls
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Oh noes!!!!!
Follow him through popular locations like, Minecraft, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, Mario, and the city of London. You can even painstakingly suffer through an accurate emulation of real-life customer service!


Very long overdue indeed. This was initially meant to be a THANKSGIVING gift. A fairly large percentage of these maps were made around then with the intention of a Thanksgiving release. I eventually got demotivated, however, and it never came to fruition. Fast-forward a few months. Radicalicious pushes it along with an end of march deadline. Many new maps were made. There are a grand total of THIRTY TWO MAPS in here. Spread throughout the main campaign, hub worlds, and bonus stages, and one stage that uses up 5 map slots through clever custom exit use. I hope you enjoy the sheer ridiculousness of this pack. Keep in mind this is VERY BUGGY and VERY RUSHED. I will make updates in due time, so don't worry. I believe it is playable in its current state, however.


CHARGINGTURNIP - Square Rock Zone, Mall Hub, Dark City, Grunty Industries.
KANNA - The Fakeout
DELTASANIC - Brak's BuCkiNg FeAsEcHurgEr, The Backrooms
SEABALLER - Space Hub, Investigation
KWIIN - London Zone 13 Zone ACT 13, what zone
DYLANDUDE - Shadow Cellar DRAYKON - Monsteropolis
BLOOPS - Sonic's Nightmare (THOKA0)
LACH - Battlefield
LJ SONIC - Square Midas, Hub Building
DAKRAS - Atlantis Hub
DAJUMPJUMP - Trip Hub, Ending credits
FROSTIIKIN - Panic's rollangle movement
KAYSAKADO - Infinite Lives script
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[Review contains spoliers]

I was sort of split here to either put 3 or 4 stars for the map pack until I realized I should have expected to embrace what this map pack is. A pure shitpost, but one with the actual effort here and there.

Personal highlights were the Backrooms and the downright hilarious Smash reference to get punched into a Minecraft bit. Add that with flying Eggmans spinning around the air and you had me going lightheaded and crying for a few minutes until we were thrown into the next bit that required us to snoop around our devices to advance the map. That alone was seriously impressive and had me in awe of what is possible with this engine, and I wish there was more! Alas, what we have here is already top-notch.

Some things that sadly didn't work for me are the exit hunting levels that had the end of the level hidden somewhere obscure. I felt like these jokes weren't well done as they tended to be more frustrating experiences compared to what the rest of the maps have to offer here. I understand that this was rushed and was kind of the point, albeit you can go a long way with well-executed "hahas" as you have already shown your team is capable of bringing that to the poker table, which makes this much more memorable. Please hold on to that concept! This was a blast in netplay!
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fucking amazing, i just cheated and used object place in london zone but the fucking square midas is what makes this amazing, it would probably desync netgames but its worth it, the notes that guide you, it tricked me into thinking it was doing some crazy shit like looking in my registry to check i wasnt using calculator, and than to just at the end make the notes have a fucking fit was amazing, i give this mod my highest rating of 8 Michelin whoppers
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The Hub Building felt straight out of a British Sitcom, easily my favourite part of the level pack.
London Zone 13, What, Shadow Cellar, Backrooms and the 13 IQ quiz were not cleared. The challenge London Zone 13 appeared to suggest would take at least 30 minutes mundanely pushing anywhere from 1 to 13 statues (from my understanding), so I opted to skip it. I used devmode to skip What as well. Shadow Cellar wasn't engaging. The Backrooms have several unresolved mysteries. I enjoyed going through it for half an hour or so uncovering a bunch of hidden rooms, but running in circles gets old eventually. I didn't clear the quiz because I simply have 12 IQ, but the concept is novel.

Most of these levels were very entertaining and the only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because of London Zone 13's insulting premise. At least Shadow Cellar doesn't block progression since it's a bonus level, so it isn't denying me other content. If I fell for it, then consider this 4 star rating a 5.

I very much enjoyed the puzzle like nature of this pack which highlights the different ways this engine can be used, thank you for the experience!
Oh yeah I agree London Zone 13 is tedious, and that was the point as well hehehe. However, the longest I've seen anyone spend on that stage is 8 minutes. Pushing the Gargoyle down doesn't take THAT long... Oh GOD 30 minutes...
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I have left my physical body and ascended to the ones above
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you guys are salty that you wasted like 5 hours on this, you should of expected it when you downloaded this wad
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meh, i can't understand how you can find this "joke" funny
Upvote 2
spent 58 minutes on the building hub, I finally understand the meaning of life and how insanity feels like

jokes aside, it really is what it says on the tin. Yes, its pure BS and unfair death after unfair death - but that's exactly the point. Frankly coming here to complain about this being unfair is a little pointless, you SHOULD know what you're getting yourself into lol.

cant wait for the steph running triquel, wonder how you will obliterate my soul next time
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Honestly, i do want to go for the funny joke comment here but after experience with this addon... Is just terrible like really terrible even if is the joke of this addon.

First, wrong exit on a maze? On the second stage? With a random hub which haha also has its own fair share of joke quest without a indication that the hub is randomize every time? Ah, wonderful joke i absolutely love it.

Not to mention that some levels forward has one of the most strangest concept that you don't even know how it works? (Like, Lj's one is actually cool but jeez it took time to notice it). Funny.

I do understand the joke and at first, it did let out a laugh out of me but after a while, it actually made me frustrated and (in my opinion) fails to make the joke actually funny. Obviously, its just me but i do not want to praise this mod anymore even if is an april fools joke (not gonna like, making it terrible to play through pretty much the joke for me)
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This is one of the worst pk3s I've played in my life.

It takes pride in wasting as much as time as possible whilst peddling the most unfunniest of jokes I've seen in a while.

A minecraft level? Backrooms? A wall of shitposts? Fuckery with portals and horizon linedefs? What were they thinking?

overall 10/10 would recommend
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