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[Open Assets] Unleashed Camera and Physics 1.2

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An attempt to simulate the physics and normal camera behavior from Sonic Unleashed in SRB2.

This should work with everyone, but some characters may have some issues with this mod.

- Here your character will turn less and less the faster you move
- Also your character is heavier and now is more complicated to accelerate


- You can Drift!
- Pressing Fire or FireNormal to start drifting to turn better


- Also is added an vertical camera
- I liked it and now is here :3


- And added a lot of tweaks and minor fixes to make the gameplay feel more natural and wild :D


Type "analogsens gens" to get the new sensitivity change or type "analogsens vanilla" to let the sensitivity like in the 1.0 release.

Type "driftmode (0 or 1 or 2)" to change between different types of drift.
You have a mode that tries to be like in Sonic Unleashed, another mode that is equal but with small changes for Modern Sonic, and the other one that is like in 1.0 release.

I hope you like it ^^
Because this mod was pretty difficult to make I couldn't fix some characters that break the turning or don't drift properly or break in something else.

If you know a character that doesn't work well, please let me know here.

Some of the most compatible mods are:
-Modern Sonic by MotdSpork
Note: Don't forget to modify your Modern Sonic to manual drift ;)

-Adventure Sonic by Metalwario64

-XMomentum or CrossMomentum by Frostiikin

If you want to use this on your mods feel free to do so!
Just credit me plz QwQ
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Latest updates

  1. More "accurate" drift update

    Global patch: - Added command 'driftmode'. Type "driftmode (0 or 1 or 2)" to change between...
  2. Small Changes

    Global patch: - Added 'analogsens' command. Type "analogsens gens" to get the new sensitivity...
  3. Mini patch for analog movement

    Global patch: - The caracter is way less sensitive when it turns with an analog controller (or...

Latest reviews

this is Good but it could be better maybe a mode where it only changes the camera. in my experience modern sonic can never reach his run without boosting.
Oh, that was on purpose because it recreates better the Unleashed physics but I can make that optional then.
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I must say, this mod has a lot of potential. Fundamentally great.
It could use a bit of smoothing out in a few places, but I am glad this mod exists. It's one step forward to creating something quite useful in the long run. Keep on updating this mod.
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very fun lua. camera is weird ish but it still gets the job done
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This Is pretty cool and fun but still needs some working, an issue i found is on GFZ2 as Modern Sonic, when you hop off of the last set of springs to the signpost, and if you boost in mid air, the camera forces you to turn backwards, which also makes you boost backwards too, but overwall fun Mod!
That's weird. I can't find the glitch.

¿Can you tell me what mods are you using beside Modern Sonic?
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it was fun to use but a little janky with a lot of addons such as modern sonic. but still you have a good thing going here a few more tweaks here and there and i could see this being a really fun new way to play the game.
Even when I designed this mod for him in the first place xD

I guess the drift being automatic with him (without modding him to manually drift, of course)changes a lot of the gameplay and makes it way worse than everyone else.
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