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Botanic Space Zone is back! A level I originally intended for a level pack, with Act 1 & 2 seen in both ULDC and OLDC, now in their own standalone release, with slight updates and adjustments.

Explore the heart of a beautiful asteroid system, sprawling with temples and ruins nestled in green space grass and flowing space water, hopefully there's no nasty surprises around the corner in this space-lit sanctuary.....

This standalone release contains TWO versions of the maps, with and without emblems.
BotanicSpaceYesEmblems if you want to start anew and aim for both act's emblems, hints included from the start!
BotanicSpaceNoEmblems if you want to play straight away through one of your current save files, with all emblems replaced with 1-Ups in Act 1 and Emerald Tokens In Act 2.
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Latest reviews

possibly one of the best zones created for this game, it proves that you don't need any cool gimmicks to make a good level. temple trek was a good example too but this is a better representation. not only that the scenery and deco are great and give you the pieces to put together without being too obvious
overall incredible
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these levels... do not give the player any challenge at all. and it's... weird. I mean, when you play any other level, it usually tries to give you some kind of difficult gimmick or it's just a difficult level. but these levels... you just walk and look around.

I like how you don’t need words, because the levels themselves, the scenery, tell the story of what’s happening here. your level of decorating is amazing!

some issues in my experience

— not all characters can start first level (see discussion)
— on the first level there are fairly empty corridors
— I don’t like that on the second level there are closed doors that open only when you need to come close. this is embarrassing
— several monotonous corridors with Unidus
— I think the steam section is not so necessary for this (second) level

I'm not exaggerating at all, but I think this is truly one of the best things that happened in 2.2
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I love this level a lot, I have a request since I like playing with Rphys I was wondering if you could make it possible to launch yourself at the start of the ship.

But awesome level!!
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Never played these stages before but wow, I love this. Fantastic decoration and setpieces, I loved the twist of act 2 being the roboticized part of the garden. Just a generally awesome zone. Great stuff.
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this is so peak it's out of this planet !!!!!!! I'm so funny

delta I love your levels so much. perfect atmosphere, super unique environment, one of the most solidly put together custom zones

Welcome to Releases!
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