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The Pizza Blast! Version 2.0

What permissions do you give others to modify and/or maintain your submission?
Modify: ASK ME - Maintain: IN MY ABSENCE - Others must ask me for permission before modifying my submission or use it in their own work, and I reserve the right to say no for any reason. However, if I can no longer be contacted, I give permission for my entire submission to be maintained by others.


Do not use any of Nick's assets. Refer to the credits for their contributions and read the Disclaimer near the bottom of this post.

You may delete the direct notice once the direct happens.

After a month of work (wouldn't call it "hard")
I introduce to you Pizza Blast!
TL:DR Combo Bar but not Combo Bar just read the post ok?

Before we start though, lets go through the disclaimers

Just a couple of notes, please, and I beg of you please, do not share any cool secrets you find in the mod, keep it to yourself until Feburary
This mod is made for Singleplayer only, sorry to all the multiplayer guys
Modded Characters might work if they use basic scripts, but complex characters (ex: Modern Sonic, SMS, any characters with custom abilities) will not work
Also, I guarantee you there will be bugs, many I do know about, but I'm extremely tired, I've been working on this alone with help from some people, sorry for any inconveniences.
Please only go into levels that you can access in the hub world, otherwise it will error, it won't crash, I just have to put this here incase someone decides to go into Frozen Hillside or somethin.
Also, people really need this, but if you have epilepsy, then you might get a seizure from the after images, so use TGAIColor1 and TGAIColor2 to make it more suitable for viewing
And one last thing, I'm writing this in the past, idk when the direct is coming out, and I have no information on this whatsoever. But I ask of you, if you're doing any sort of review or comment or anything, do not compare the mod to Tour de Pizza Jr Peppino. They are a team with way more experience than I have (and I'm only one person), compared to them, I look like a beginner. I ask of you to not compare me to them, and to look at my mod seperately from there's.
Thanks for reading!
I'm putting a spoiler in a spoiler because these controls are BIG! Last chance to not spoil yourself for what I spent on for almost all of development
Jump: The Jump Actions
Brother it's a jump
Spin: The Mach Run
Holding the spin button allows for you to slowly but surely accelerate. Acceleration is pretty slow, but is what you'll be doing for most of the game
there was supposed to be a gif, but the MB is being stubborn and it wont work
Mach 3 and 4 can be obtained by holding spin
Tip: Even if you're still, as long as you hold spin, you will not lose your speed nor mach this wont save you from pizza face
This is where things get confusing
Holding C1 while on the ground during a mach run allows for you to start rolling

If you hold C1 in air, you do a bodyslam, it's the fastest way to go down at the moment(not including transformations)

While in machrun, if you hold C1 while in air, you will do a dive, it is the slowest way to go down, but keeps all your speed.
Once again, there was supposed to be a gif, but it wont appear :/
Though not as plentiful as C1, it contains all of your moves to get to higher places.
While in mach 3, holding C2 charges a superjump, releasing sends you upwards
Pressing C3 while in mach 3 or above will do the redirect, this will slow you down and allow you to quickly turn in a direction, best used in tight corners. It'll also wait for you in mid air, so no executions while ungrounded.
Once more, there was supposed to be a gif, but it didnt upload right.
You can perform a grab by pressing the Fire button, this will give you a quick burst of speed and will damage enemies, holding mach run afterwards will let you keep the boost of speed
There are many button combinations you can do, I will be referring to these buttons to what I called these inside of their spoilers. So treat it as an open note test will you?
The Divebomb
This move is performed by doing a dive then jumping, it sends you down at a moderate speed, though, it does take away your mach, but there's a way to get it back all at once...

The Slide
By pressing Grab and Down at the same time, you'll be able to perform a slide. The slide instantly puts you into mach and is faster than the grab, but it cancels when you fall of an edge, so only use it when you have enough space.

The Uppercut
By holding Up and tapping Jump, you can do the uppercut, it rises you up a little then stops all of your momentum, best used of in air.


The Wallrun
Not so much of a button combination, just didn't want to spoil it
By jumping at a wall (and only jumping), you can begin to wallrun, it adjusts with speed and is a great way to go up
No gif due to obvious reasons
The Super Taunt
Another non button combination, if you've seen combo bar, then you'd know it, but
Get a combo of 10 and press Fire Normal, and you go boom

The Bash
If you super jump and grab, you'll do a bash, it has a small windup, but then launches you at mach 4 speeds, can be comboed into anything besides wallruns
Self explanatory, pressing TF does the taunt

If you get hit mid taunt, you do parry!

Thanks to TGTLS for permission to use this code
If you're in mach 3 (to 4) and you jump and press C3, you can do a homing attack. It changes depending on your speed and can give crazy height depending on your angle
Instead of the uppercut, you'll be able to fly, it's a quick burst of height that does a medium AOE attack.
When you land from a bodyslam or divebomb, you'll perform a large AOE attack
If you run in mach 3 and press Fire Normal, You'll launch yourself into the air
If you press fire normal after that, you'll launch yourself down
If you hold Fire Normal, you can shoot your enemies down
if you hold C3 while in air while in mach 3, you can be able to rise into the air.
if you release C3 or hold it for too long, you'll thrust forward with alot of speed.

It's Pizza Time!!!!!
It all starts with John Gutter, which can be found at the end of each level.

If you attempt to attack him, he'll get scared

He's extremely easy to destroy, but that's what you want to do. Destroying him will activate Pizza Time.

A quick explanation on Pizza Time. During Pizza Time, your goal is to get back to the beginning as fast as possible during a time limit. The time limit will vary on stage to stage (if not set, it'll be how long it took you to get there x 2)
How do you know where the start is? By the gate that's at the beginning of the level.

This gate will open during pizza time, getting close to it will end the level

and if you dont make it back in time...
A funny guy named Pizza Face will appear and attempt to kill you

Luckily, if you parry him, you'll get a second of invincibility

And something for the professionals, a Lap 2
At the beginning of most vanilla levels, there's a lap 2 portal, stepping into it will take you back to the end

Usually, I'd tell you everything extra I had, but this time, I just encourage you to have fun in the game. So you can be the first to figure out how to get a P Rank, how you can activate DBZ mode, or how you can find Gustavo and Brick. Now go out there and have fun!

@luigi budd : Pizza Tower Styled Afterimages
@Cole207 : Pizza Time Enemy Spawners
@Banddy: For the Technical DIfficulties sprites
@Felecia.iso: Help with performance issues
@Me: For Pizza Tower Combo Bar
Everyone in the SRB2 Discord Server!

Special Credits!
For people where I couldn't have made it without them
@nicholas rickys : John, Pizza Face, and Lap 2 Portal
"pizza time v2 sucks go look out for pizza tim e deluxe instead is better and i work on it"​

Letting you know now, you need permission to use Nick's Pizza Time, this is not open assets.

@TGTLS : So much help in development in general (Ex: Parry and Taunt, hud working right in all reses)
Pizza Tower: All of the assets
@Unmatched Bracket : Making Pizza Time easily editable and Fang gun code
"i got nothin sorry"

Spoiler Credits!
Don't read these if you don't want spoilers
@Buggie the Bug : Made the War Timer used for Eggman's Downfall
@Xelork : Made Snick used for Eggman's Downfall

You can use any asset in this addon that does NOT come from Nick's Pizza Time addon, but if you wish to post this onto the MB, the parts you added to the mod must be a big enough of a change where you can tell a difference (ex: Lap 3, Infinite Laps, new characters) If you are using the entirety of the mod, this must be in the description somewhere and must link to the original mod.

The ONLY part that isn't reusable in this mod is everything Nick made, refer to the credits on that.
This means if you want to make your own edit of this addon, you either HAVE to remove all of Nick's scripts and other assets, or ask @nicholas rickys directly for permission to use them.

Map creators, you can use "levelTimes["zonename"] = seconds*TICRATE" inside of your LUA to set how long you want Pizza Time to last. There are other things you can do, but too many than I'd like to write.

Though it was a pain coding this, but I hope you have the time of your life playing this mod!​
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meeh its glitched with character mods like you cant play with mods
I added a command where it disables the pizza blast moveset for other characters, probably should try it out
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is a very, very nice addon, and it works really well. The only thing that should be different is that, you cant pass from THZ 1 ( or bassicaly any level after ), maybe make the character fly (charability1 = 2) could help
Just superjump
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This mod has amazing potential! The only issues I faced were the petrabyte crashing when it grabs me, the weird wall climbing. But they were rare and i never experienced it that much. Anyways. I love this!
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This mod is good, it has a lot of bugs, and like the hub world do not work as well, but i got so much fun playing this mod anyways.
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Update The mod is not good there is a lot of bugs and gitch and there crash lot of crash and the Controls are mid if am climbing a wall I may start to fly and if I super jump and it the top of a wall I lose all my score and I can,t p rank most of the levels the one I could p rank where the bosses this need to be fix or I going to go insane
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Man, even if this mod is extremely broken, it was an absolute joy to mess around with! The controls are a massive issue, hit detection is highly selective at best, and the maps of SRB2 aren't exactly built for Pizza Tower's move set in mind. But the mod itself was insanely fun, most of the graphics & LUA had a bunch of effort put into it (I assume), and most custom characters I tested it with are fully functional! Just a little bit of polish, and this project could truly be something special.
Kinda what I was hoping for, glad you had a good time even with all the negatives
Upvote 1
Man, I love this. Even if it's buggy, has some weird control mapping and that stuff, it's really surprising someone can make Pizza Tower on SRB2! Though, this needs bug fixing and stuff, but this can be fixed in a next update.
Upvote 1
Yeah... Sorry to say this but, this isn't good and by isn't good, I mean, It's so buggy (here's some my complains), I get on stuck on walls constantly, secrets don't even work, I constantly get stunlocked because of no invincibility frames, how the combo meter mechanics kinda sucks, the hub worlds teleport you to the previous world for no reason, the hud world design is confusing, pizza face gives my head and eyes hurt, literally the parry flash doesn't even appear behind you most of the time, tbh you REALLY shouldn't have released this in this state in the first place
Yeah this thing sucks, sorry that I can't fix any of your complaints
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