1.5.6 Changelog:

As a quick important side note, starting from now the most recent version of SRB2 (being 2.2.11 as of writing this) is required to play and finish this mod as there are a couple fairly important fixes for the mod.

.Made varying amounts of changes to Shoal Coast, Sunrise Uplands 1 & 2, Terrace Mountain 2, remade one of the side paths in Terrace Mountain 1, & made some small changes near the end of Desolated City 2.

.Dark Woods Zone makes it's return, like every other formerly cut level it has all been merged into a single act with some parts of the original level cut out.

.Customly made Special Stages have been added in to replace the NIGHTS levels. You can also play then with other people or your friends as it also replaces the Co-op Special Stages too.

.Changed the music to Nightlight Gully 2, the Badnik Boss theme (yet again and i'm hoping for the last time for now) & Dry Gulch 2 as it was apparently grating on the ears to listen to for alot of people.

.The Buzz boss has been updated to spice up the battle a little bit more. (Credit goes towards Spectra once more for updating it.)

.The Extra Stages section has now been renamed to the Legacy CDR Stages as i believe that better signify's what those levels actually are.
-Made some more small changes to Shoal Coast, Dry Gulch 2, Desolated City 1 & 3.

-The last section before the goal in Terrace Trees 1 has been remade.

-Cyberdime Core 2 has been mostly remade. (Still follows the same kind of progressive structure, only now the ""button hunting"" part of the level has been removed.)
-Mac & Linux players rejoice, Nightlight Gully will no longer crash your game as the pointy badnik has been removed and replaced from the zone and with another badnik finally.

-Made some small level design changes to both acts of Sunrise Uplands, Shrewd Blizzard, Nightlight Gully 2 & both acts of Dry Gulch.

-Partially remade Molten Tunnels 1.

-Changed the Badnik Boss theme again.

-Most of Cyberdime Core 1 have been completely remade.

-(Credit goes towards Glaber for the custom badniks used in Nightlight Gully 2 & Molten Tunnels)