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Character rotation prewiev.gif

Thanks for checking out my characters! it takes me a while to make them and I usually work in batches before going on to other things but a majority of these fellas have been on my hard drive for a bit now so it's finally time to release them! Please note that I generally allow edits without needed to for things like second color support, fixing unintentionally inaccessible things for people with visual impairments, or repackaging. If you want to edit the sprite beyond that for it's own release then please ask me via either discord or the forums!

Going left to right.
Coded Name: techniunderscore
Real name: Techni
Prefix: TECH

Hey wait a minute I know this guy from somewhere! Techni is my really edgy oc that I use for pretty much everything. He's my first character I made and I liked how he turned out. Techni_ is a combination of a lot of things I like which is Daft Punk, obsidian, the color black, Justice, and color-able capes. He has the same stats as metal sonic because he's my default main and I really like metal sonic. He gets really mad when hit.
I'd also like to have his name changed soon so keep that in mind for later updates I may do.
  • Complete resprite since his first version
  • He now also has Sebastian, his mentor, the mysterious being within the crystal ball, in his victory portrait
Coded Name: bojack_horseman
Real name: Bojack
Prefix: BOJK

Back in the 90's he was in a tv show. Bojack is a sorta heavy build character at [8.6]. I initially used the model sheets to trace some bits of his head so if he looks a bit off it's because of that.
  • Revised the head to be more consistent with his original animation model
  • He no longer yells for todd when he gets hit
  • Changed some sounds to make him sound less rude
Coded Name: mothmansmt
Real name: Mothman
Prefix: MOTH

Mothman, everyone's favorite SMT demon, is here. When he drifts he expands his wings! It's his only way of control because he doesn't have any hands! Mothman also features sounds from SMT 3 Nocturne. If you are familiar with its demons you may recognize some of the sounds!
  • Changed his eyes
  • changed his goal post sign
  • minor edits

Coded Name: cornjsrf
Real name: Corn
Prefix: CORN

Corn is looking for more members for the GG's and, well, there are certainly some weird ones in kart. Corn, like in jet set radio future, likes to show off a bit. Put a little razz into his moves if you will like other inline skaters. In kart it means he likes to tip his visor a lot! Go paint up the town and beat other racers!

Coded Name: spamtonredraw
Real name: Spamton
Prefix: SPMT

SPAMton G. SPAMtOn [#1 USED CAR SALESMAN] is ready to SELL [AUTO INSURANCE] to other ((Sloppy Seconds))[Now for only 399 rings!!]

Coded Name: zant
Real name: Esurper_Zant
Prefix: ZANT

Zant is one of the first backlog characters I finished. I made him because my best friend really likes Zant so I wanted to give him his big fave and made him a racer. Anyway Zant likes to move very erratically. His arms flail when he gets hit and he will check his rear before committing to a drift!

Coded Name: hajime_hinata
Real name: Hajime_Hinata
Prefix: HAJM

Is kart Hajime's new reality, or is it another digital recreation? Either way, Hajime is here to enjoy his summer vacation!

Coded Name: chiaki
Real name: Chiaki_Nanami
Prefix: CHIA

gamer girl

Coded Name: rosalina_techni_edit
Real name: Rosalina
Prefix: RSLN

Rosalina is my newest sprite that I've finished. She's a revamp of PsychoJosh's rosalina with using a majority of her body and tiara assets but with a completely revamped head and mit's pipeframe kart.

  • The Sounds/ Models/ Sprites Resource - For various assets used in multiple characters/ Reference images
  • Mitsame - Mit's pipeframe template was used for the Rosalina revamp which can be found here
  • PsychoJosh - PyschoJosh made the original Rosalina sprite that I revamped on. Please also credit him as well if you edit and release Rosalina specifically. Original can be found here
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