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  1. Techni_Arcade

    [Techni_Kart Chars] - Eradicate the Backlog

    WELCOME! Thanks for checking out my characters! it takes me a while to make them and I usually work in batches before going on to other things but a majority of these fellas have been on my hard drive for a bit now so it's finally time to release them! Please note that I generally allow edits...
  2. Techni_Arcade

    [Character] [Techni_Kart Chars] - Eradicate the Backlog

    Hey gamers here's my little thread for characters I finished. Most of the resources when making these characters come from The Sounds/Models/Sprites resource. It is an excellent website if you need to source game material in any way. I in no way own most of these characters aside from my own...