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[Open Assets] Super Sparkles v1.2.1a - v1.2a

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when super, sparkles fly out


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customization or something
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Latest updates

  1. update

    small code change I became slightly smarter
  2. how did I forget this?

    converts the sprites which were PNGS to LMPS
  3. oop

    apparently alt wasn't downloadable, it's downloadable again

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lol it's true.

hmmm mania sparkles?
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Ohhhhhhhhh, Shinyyyyyyyyyyy :]
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It does what it says on the tin! But not really any more than that. Personally, I think you'd probably find more usage out of this mod as a resource than as a standalone, The sparkles are also a bit too sporadic for my liking, flying about literally everywhere when you're simply standing still. If they were less sporadic, it could possibly work as a cool aura...
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