Due to SRB2 2.2.10 dropping musicslot support, SMSreborn needed a hotfix to prevent error-spam and silence whenever Sonic obtains speed shoes or brings HMS panic to Match.

However, I also went ahead and added some of the shiny new rendering techniques to some of SMS' effects and finally...FINALLY, gave SMS the aura I always envisioned him to have in the first place. Everything falls into place 16 years later.


-Updated music swaps to use strings rather than musicslots since 2.2.10 dropped support for slots.
-Hyper Mystic Sonic's spamdash now increases speed (even) faster exponentially.
-SMS' wall cornering correction now uses SA-Sonic's system as support.

-SMS's "outline" glow now looks exactly like I've always wanted it to.
-Mystic Supers will now wield SMS' aura as well.
-Some effects are now updated to use the newly available "shiny" rendering.
-Afterimages and boost effects should now obstruct the camera less and be more dynamic.

On another note.

The HMS tutorial video is officially canceled. I don't know what'll become of a future SMSreborn update. I have plenty of inspiration, yet far too many other things to prioritize. We might get an SMSreborn v3 with completely updated controls, we might see a new SMS with a new suffix, or never get an update again.

For now, treat this as the final SMS version and see where the future takes us!