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the mario bros now get speed shoes, cause apparently you didn't get both before
should fix blaze and marine not being able to spawn in (again)
fixes super sonic being unable to die
fixes custom forms, hopefully for good
recoded damage
fixes samus
should fix super sonic being unable to spawn if rushchars are loaded
update sorta rushed, notify me if there's any errors
fixes dark form,
adds rolls for rtd forms
fixes HMS not actually being able to attack anybody
added pointlimits, apparently I didn't have point limits
fixes a bug where stuff would run outside of super clash (i don't if that was just a glitch I found in the indev version of this update but its fixed anyway)
removed test feature I forgot I added
minor change, but this is here now

no more knockback after hitting a spring
I also updated the ringslinger neo support

(I suggest you don't run into players while dark)
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the entire mode was broken
you couldn't respawn after dying once
so I fixed that
and temporarily disabled solclash and mysticsuperclash
some stuff (like ringslinger neo actually working) requires you to load super clash last, so I suggest you do that until I find a better way to do it

Sol Form for sonic