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[Open Assets] ChaosKart - Turn SRB2Kart into a Torturous Hellscape! v2.0.0

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Chaoskart is a mod intended to make SRB2Kart as chaotic as possible.
There are multiple different effects that are there to ruin your day. Each of them will have different lasting effects, or some may even be quick events that hit you when you least expect it.

There are over 50 different effects by default. You can look at the many different effects with the console command "ck_listevents".

There are also permanent effects, effects that have a chance to start up for the entire race, every race. Around a 5% chance.

Console Commands:
ck_eventtime <time>: The time until each event is run.
ck_rareeventchance <0-100>: Chance for a rare event to run every event.
ck_raceeffectchance <0-100>: Chance for a race effect every race.
ck_rareraceeffectchance <0-100>: Chance for a rare race effect when a race effect is ran.
ck_deathchance <0-100>: Chance for the Death Roulette to run.

chaoskart <on/off>: Enables or disables chaoskart.

Chaoskart has Custom Event support aswell!
-- This is the definition for Explode1st.[] = {
    name = "Explode 1st",
    id = "Explode1st",
    namecol = SKINCOLOR_ORANGE,
    battlemode = false,
    rare = false,
    deathroulette = false,
    desc = "First Place has exploded!",
    length = 70,
    runfunc = function()
        local p = ck.getFirstPlace()
        P_StartQuake(30*FRACUNIT, TICRATE/2)
        p.kartstuff[k_spinouttimer] = TICRATE
        p.kartstuff[k_sneakertimer] = 0
        P_InstaThrust(,, 0)
        P_SetObjectMomZ(, 30*FRACUNIT)
        S_StartSound(, sfx_bkpoof)

- Release

- "chaoskart" command (disables chaoskart while loaded)
- "PermaShrink" Perm-Effect

- Various Bugfixes to certain events
- Encore Mode perm effects
- New Event "RandItem"

- Tweaked "IceballRand", "HyperOrbinautRand", "GiantBananaRand" and "Driftless"
- New Event "FireRain"
- New Event "Blooper"
- New Event "AutoAccel"
- New Event "InvertControls"
- "PermAccel" Perm-Effect.

- Timed Events now show up below the timer.
- Speaking of the timer, it has been redone to make it look better.
- New Event "StopAll"
- New Event "BunnyHop"
- New Event "FlipAll"
- "Speed Shoes" Perm-Effect
- "Kansei Dorifto" Perm-Effect
- "Spring-Floor" Rare Perm-Effect.

- Timed events would carry into the next race. This is rectified.
- Frozen players can press any button to break out.
- Removed "Blooper".

- Major Code Optimizations
- New Event "Gliders"
- New Event "RandScale"
- New Event "RandAng"
- New Event "Traps"

- Rewritten from the ground up.
- Removed event "Gliders".
- Removed event "Traps".

ChaosKart is intended for... well... chaos, and so, some levels may be unplayable, or too chaotic to complete. Please do not complain if you're unable to complete a track or are barely able to play the game, it's all part of the fun!
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Latest reviews

An amazing fresh spin on the Kart formula; by that I mean this mod purposefully shatters it. It's absolutely hilarious seeing everyone get destroyed by the bomb, only for it to deny you the victory. The uncertainty, the pain and the laughs make this one of the best mods you can find for this game, even if it's not as complex as HOSTMOD or Wipezones.
Download this now if you want to laugh yourself to death.*

* You might not laugh yourself to death over this mod as much as you would be raging over RNG.
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'We are to kill Chaos.' Jokes aside, this a mod that lives up to its name, and will always a new fresh of madness to race track you're in, i highly recommend it for those who just want to spread that madness on the server or enjoy it with friends and get meme'ed on!
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I like this srb2 kart addon
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