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Nothing else to say I have.
Basically what it says on the tin - you take damage after rolling for a while.

...Okay I may need to go more in-depth on that.
Rolling around or charging a Spin Dash decreases your SpinDamage% - a percentage that determines your rolling fate.

If it reaches 0, say bye to your Rings. ...or Life, or Shield, whatever-

You can restore it by simply resisting to spin for 3 seconds, at a rate of 1% every second.

...Good luck.
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  1. Version 1.1 - "Stupidly forgotten it AGAIN!" Update

    - No longer affects Super Sonic, but still keeps the SD% the same as it was before...

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The hud is impressive, given I havent figured out how to make transparent hud myself, *heh* though I do have to admit that this really isnt very challengeing, especially since I was playing as Tails, probably one of the most spin-dependent characters, I felt like I would finish before I ran out of health, every time. (except one time in ERZ2)
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this is cool! im going to try speedrun using this! also it would be cool if just to annoy the player it would also spin the screen!
That could be its own thing, but I'm not implementing that into Spin Damage. Spin Damage is Spin Damage.
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This is very well made, I just love the challenge. Though it doesn't really feel fair for me because you lose a lot by simply spinning then gaining. I feel like it would be a better rewarding experience if you give us the option to toggle how much it drops and how much you gain. Or by making it go faster. Other than that said everything about this mod is great!
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NoSpins are nausea free.
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Welcome to releases!
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