Space pinball _ Pizza Tower.

[Reusable] Space pinball _ Pizza Tower. 1.3

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This is a race inspired from the "Space Pinball" level from Pizza Tower.
This is a 3 Lap course where the layout of the race change after the first turn.
Will you found the secret passage and the secret tower tresor?

Map name : MAPSO (Sp wasn't avaible)


Race's thumbnail in High Resolution


You will take the green path in your first turn.


Then you do the blue path for the two other turn.


And the two roads join in the final orange room. You can skip those hole with sneaker.


The layout

Music : Extraterrestrial Wahwahs

My first map! YEAH!

Some ressources has been reused from the race pizza panic made by : GreatWario
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Latest updates

  1. 1.3 Fix

    FIX : The glass in the blue path is now solid. THis might be the last update of this map...
  2. Update 1.2

    - Updated the visual of some room, no layout change. - Added one more item box on the first turn...
  3. Map update

    - The first Electric blocks (and only the first) has a red cross as a border to tell player...

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Really trippy map. Follows up nicely with the first Pizza Tower map. Welcoming that it's a 3-lapper instead of 2, though the turns can be geared more towards experienced players.
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Welcome to releases!
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