Space pinball _ Pizza Tower.

[Reusable] Space pinball _ Pizza Tower. 2

Now, when the stage is played in Encore mode. The wall are moving, and the order of the path will change. Suprised!

Promise, it's the last update.
FIX : The glass in the blue path is now solid.

THis might be the last update of this map. UNLESS!!! Unless I decide to do Encore stuff. Oh no, this give me somes ideas now.
- Updated the visual of some room, no layout change.
- Added one more item box on the first turn on the blue slope.
- Added two cheeslime ennemies at the end of the first turn, this is to make the faster path more risky.
- Added one more speed pad on green path, just before the spring jump.
- For the jump in green path : Added one more yellow spring so you can't miss them ; added an invisible death plane and extended the speed pad at the end.
- Blue path : Removed one annoying cheeseslime ; Secret entrance is wider
- Ending : Made the ballon jump less punishing if you aren't going in a straight line ; added more speed pad
- The first Electric blocks (and only the first) has a red cross as a border to tell player "Don't touch it!".
- The green path has more room to turn near the end.
- Added some downward wind here and there to make the player fall more at the center of the road instead of the border , less bonk now.
- Blue path's speed pad are bigger.
- Replaced all the explosif barel by cheeseslime.
- Extented a tiny the road between the orange path and the ending section.
- Added a red spring next to the secret tresor to escape faster. You still lose a lot of time doing the easter egg, but now it less punishing.