-You can now go super with Custom 3 while having 50 Rings and all emeralds.
-The secret has been improved.
-Removed some parts of the code.
-Tutorial text! (ft. Walter)
-Maybe something more i forgor💀.
-Honestly i dont really remember but i remembed fixing the arrow with dashmode and something with a secret. Also Kirby Compatibility and Battle, RS Neo and Kirby stuff is in 1 file

-XMomentum compatiblity and Battle Tweaks. (XMom fail sprite and credits to Frostiikin and whoever made the fail sprite, also lua tweaks.)

-Horizon Chars Compatibility. (CrystallineGazer gave permisson on Kazotsky Kick Sprites)
-Distant Pickup is now 100% completable (Sometimes you overshoot and can die)

Funny discord GIF.
This is not a very basic update :threat:
This one has new moves, a map and new visuals.

Ok firstly the map:
An awesome map that was made by @Rogerregorroger (check him out he cool guy)
Its a tutorial map where you can try out abilities you already know and try new ones!

(Also for some reason text is broken so play it using Level Select)

Now the fun part.
New Abilities!

Wall spin:
When sliding against the wall hold spin and release it to get a burst of speed.

Ceiling cling:
If near ceiling and not enough speed(below running)
then you can hold onto the ceiling!

Ceiling save:
if you have dashmore and ran for long enough you can stay on the ceiling for a few seconds.
(Useful for RVZ skip)

A mod? That is included in Sonic new that can be disabled using a new command!
snew_parteneredup (only for admins)

Anyway. Based on the name its something about partenering right?
yes, its basically Sonic Advance 3 but in SRB2.

to use these moves you need a button that i will refer to P-Button.
to set P-Button theres also a new command!
snew_partnerbutton <C1, C2, C3, TF, FIRE, FIREN>

Hold P-Button when near a player that is also holding P-Button for atleast a Second. (Bots are always ok to partner with you!)

Throw (Grounded):
If you release P-Button on ground you will throw your partner!

Throw (Mid-air) + Distant Pickup:
If you release P-Button mid-air you will throw your parter and make them use their jump ability!

(Distant Pickup)
When they are flying (or climbing, floating)
and you press your P-Button then you will jump to them in the hands!

(Partner) Throw:
If someone is riding you and you want to help them out (or troll them)
you can press your P-Button to throw them (Chrispy Chars reference!?)

If you are being carried then you can request them to be thrown.
Hold your P-Button to show a message that you want to be thrown.

If you are on ground then you can call them over with your P-Button!
If they jump and press their P-Button then they will do something similar to Distant Pickup.

(On partner`s side:)

Secrets! "Hidden" Abilities!
Sshhh! You don`t know about them! You don`t know Blua!

@delf for base of the walljump code and smooth spin trail.
@Lach for permisson on sky check function for v1.0.1 (Now unused but still thanks)
Cool people on SRB2 OS Discord for helping me test Sonic New v1.1 (Also play)

Also maybe theres more stuff i forgor 💀
i do know theres new wall jump code and bug fixes!
So Sonic New v1.1 is basically done but i still gotta do some checks here and there so it wont be out for some time. And theres also a tutorial map coming(maybe).
-Used some of the Espio`s Sky check code.

-Shields are now usable by Holding jump while pressing spin
if you have a shield and want to use down air just press spin mid-air.

-Whirlwind makes you floatier when Spindashing mid-air.