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[Reusable] Sonic Adventure DX Race 6.2

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Hello Racers!

Did you played Sonic Adventure DX? Yeah...??? Well... I'm sure you would happy if there was multiplayer such as... RACE (Sonic and Eggman vs Tails aren't count)

Meet the Sonic Adventure DX Race for SRB2!

This circuit race pack includes some zones from original game such as:

Windy Valley
Final Egg (there are two maps of it)
Sky Deck
Speed Highway
Emerald Coast (there are also two maps)

There are other zones in work, so this isn't the end

Sure you want to race!
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Latest reviews

(repost because i was playing an old version) i have 3 emerald coast wads, and this is the most accurate recreation of it in my folder. despite being made for mutiplayer, its pretty good to play in single player as SA-sonic. i wish you made a version designed to single player, with the emerald coast being an all-in-one level and the levels having a signpost at the end
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This is a job well done! i didnt try all the levels (or tracks) but the levels (or may i say tracks) are very speedy so this map (or track) pack is for the ones who love just speedin across ramps and loops
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The levels themselves are pretty fun gameplay wise, and actually feel like they're designed around speeding through them lap after lap. I really like how you used zoomtubes for rails in speed highway, and that speed booster fling part. My biggest problem with them is that visually they kinda feel like final demo maps. Maybe try using more modern textures, more slopes, that sorta thing? Or if modern equivalents to the textures don't exist in the base game, take a look through the community asset pack, or try making your own?
Thank's for suggestion about textures, but this pack runs on the servers where custom textures are not working nice, I've thought about it, but compatibility is more important to me
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This Is Amazing Race, This is a super Speedrunny type of Race, Especially SpeedWay Highway ( Think thats what it's called) I hope that stage becomes longer for more fun.
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Probably my favorite race pack yet. If you plan on adding more stages, Emerald Coast and Twinkle Park are must-haves.
Emerald Coast next :)
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