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[Reusable] Sonic Adventure DX Race 6.2

Hello Racers!

Have you played Sonic Adventure or DX port? You did...??? Well... I'm sure you wanted to have a multiplayer mode in this game such as... RACE (original Sonic and Eggman vs Tails aren't in count)

Meet the Sonic Adventure DX Race for SRB2!

This circuit race pack includes some zones from original game such as:

Windy Valley
Final Egg
(there are two maps of it)
Sky Deck
Speed Highway
Emerald Coast
(there are also two maps)
Twinkle Park

All original Twinkle Park couldn't fit in SRB2, so I've got my imagination again and used AXIS2D script to create something cool.

Other zones received some big changes such as changed layout or new faster/harder ways, go and check these!

Sure this isn't last update, more circuited SADX maps are coming

See ya in race!


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Greetings racers!
It's summer outside and everyone wants to get on Sea's coast... but not everyone can :(

So, I remade Emerald Coast in SRB2!
Yeah, this update brings us two new maps of Emerald Coast!
Trust me, that's a two different maps ;)

Other maps also have been updated:
Windy Valley and Sky Deck now have a new beautiful skybox;
Speed Highway have a fixed first checkpoint - now it's impossible to not check it;
Final Egg 1 and 2 have a little bug fixes

I hope you're enjoying this summer the same as everyone! :D


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  • Cool!
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Hey, seems like you loved this project, this is nice to hear!

Here's a little update that fixing Skyboxes in Software render mode (they have OOF effect in V4.0), nothing more...
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"Aw yeah this is happening!"

I'm sure you were waiting for the new Race Adventure in SRB2 and here's SADXRACE version 4! This update is much better than previous. Why? Hmmm...
Just watch these changes:

Added CircuitRedux script support on all maps;
Some maps were changed very much in better way;
Mistakes were fixed and I hope there won't appear new;
You were waiting fo this map very long, so: "SPEED HIGHWAY joins the party!"

Why this new map is good:
It's fast
There are RINGS!
and there are Casino and Chao Garden without Chao (Eggman captured them all with Egg Carrier)
Oh, I forgot... It's perfect place to jump on buildings :)

Well... I'm floating 32 bits per second as Knuckles,
What about you?