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What's up? A rebrand is not something you would expect from this addon, didn't you?
This update includes 3 characters, which are not related to the Sketchog family - this addon became a regular character pack! The character line-up isn't something to be in awe at, so don't get too comfy...

Here's the only attraction - The reason why you came to download this.

he's so cute I CANT?Q?WRWE?FSD

Moo, a basic enemy from the Klonoa series, felt like getting it's nightmare-ish butt out and decided to take on a racing comptetition! Though, I'm unsure if it even KNOWS it's a competition...

With a pretty neutral speed and weight of 4, you could say they're akin to Knuckles in terms of stats, although just a small bit slower and lighter.

They use Red as their prefered skincolor.



Maurice (best described as an inside joke), is the greatest thing you will ever see in your entire life. The dude is Sonic but awesome - He's faster, stronger AND prettier than Sonic ever wishes to be!

Infact, he is so fast that he needed to be put in a kart - as such his incredible speed would make him win the entire course in a single blink.

As such, he shares the same stats as his progentitor (2,2), and his prefered skincolor is Blue.

So powerful he needed to be nerfed back to being a Sonic clone. Incredible.

Can barely be heard ingame? Good.

It being my own character pack, it's bound to have some (actual) original characters, yes?

Here's one of mine - Cube.
Cube, begging to be able to race, managed to get their supervisor to allow them to compete.

With a speed of 4, and a weight of 5, they're closer to Knuckles than Moo is.
Their prefered skincolor is Mint.


Sketchog and Sketchfox are lighter copies of Sonic and Tails, respectivebly. These two were stars of their own character pack before these 3 took the spotlight. Too bad!

Sketchog's prefered skincolor is Jaws, while Sketchfox's prefered skincolor is Orange.

This isn't Jaws, silly.
i don't think this is even me trying to fail

  • Platex for doing the voices of Maurice and Cube
  • The folks behind the Sound effects for the classic Sonic games (used in Sketchfox and Sketchfox)
  • Namco x Capcom for the Moo voice clips.
v...1.0?: That's RIGHT! A rebrand! It includes 3 additional characters, turning this into a regular character pack!

v4.0: New friend Sketchfox!

v3.0: Entirely new set of sprites, new set of sounds, and giving him his proper name!

v2.1: Stat fixes.

v2.0: Sprite and sound changes. sometimes his head will be too big, but remember
He is just a sketch (lame excuse).

v1.0: Initial release.
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