Sol emerald form for Sonic and Metal Sonic!

Sol emerald form for Sonic and Metal Sonic! V2.0 - added metal sonic and updated the fire form

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this is actually reusable, for some reason the reusable tag won't show up

leave if you didn't collect all the sol emeralds

The rushchars mod:
im don't have nothing to do with the rushchars' mod development, i just made this as a separate file, maybe i could make sol emeralds forms for other elements or character someday

even tho it doesn't make sense, this mod adds sol emeralds/rushchars compatibility for sonic!
it has two versions: FIRE and LIGHTNING




press spin while jumping to double jump upwards


i guess this could also work for a SMBX fire super sonic 🤔

press jump midair to do a momentum based thok, if you look back while going forward and thok back, it will work as a momentum stopper


spin to leave a fire trail behind like the fire/elemental shield that damages enemies


2.0 - added metal sonic!


since, the idea of metal's sol super form is that he's using the emeralds at full power, he overheats so there's a chance that it drains 2 rings

press jump midair to do a powerful burst

you can also tap spin again while transforming to turn super

HOW TO USE: load the Rushchars mod and then add this mod, it will work on sonic
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Latest updates

  1. i forgot to put the fire sonic update in the last update, so here it is

    oh god he's on fire (the walk animation isn't actually like that)
  2. the files couldn't be downloaded earlier for some reason

    idk why it happened
  3. now super sonic is accesible by tapping spin while transforming again

    thanks to foreski- *cough* i mean frostiikin for letting me know how to do it

Latest reviews

This is pretty cool, but you did mess up one pretty major thing, you accidentally restricted use of super sonic whenever this mod is loaded. However, this cna be VERY easily fixed. Simply change the "solchars["sonic"] = {SKINCOLOR_SUPERSILVER1, 1}" to "solchars["sonic"] = {SKINCOLOR_SUPERSILVER1, 2}", and then the super form will become accessible by tapping spin a second time while currently in the sol transformation animation. I only played the lightning sonic, but while simple, giving sonic actual vertical options instead of the ability to simply maintain height really does make this a viable alternative to super sonic that's not really significantly better then a normal super form, which is exactly what sol forms are meant to be. Visuals, while simple, also do the job quite well.
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Nice! I really wanted to see Sol forms for the vanilla set of characters integrated in the mod but this works

I did notice with Lightning the sparks will show up if you roll or spin even if you aren't super.

And for both - the player icon doesn't change to the super sonic, its just normal sonic
I don't actually know how to fix the life icon one since it may be just rushchars internal code stuff, sadly in this right moment i can't fix the spark bug, ill do it when i first can
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Welcome to releases!
I like that you put two different sol forms in here, that's neat.
They are a bit on the simple side though, but I suppose that's fine enough.
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