Exetior's chase

[Reusable] Exetior's chase 1.0

I give permission for this addon to be reused, modified, or ported by anyone
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VERY DUMB WARNING: this has pixelated blood and you will be chased, it's like gmod's nextbots but worse (in quality), so if you're a [[LITTLE SPONGE]] don't play this (there are no jumpscares tho, except if you call a black screen a jumpscare)
(yes this is reusable but please put in credits when you use this

i invented the mod but that doesn't mean im the only one who made it
the sprites are from: https://mb.srb2.org/threads/sonic-exe-v4-1-5a-compatibility.29021/
thanks a lot to Xian for helping me in the mod's making :cool:


this mod consists in the spooky sonic chasing you around the map, this is heavily inspired by "an ordinary sonic rom hack".
You can turn on and off the mod by typing exetrue and exefalse in console

the juice, the soup, whatever you call it, i mean the main stuff

This mod removes every ring and enemy from every map, and makes exetior spawn after some seconds, you have no horizontal advantage so be sure to be far away from exe when using a spring.

Monitors are glowy for a reason, when destroying them you get a 30 second timer where exetior disappears, it makes everything easier in small maps but in big maps it's almost essential.

It's worth noting that exetior accelerates if you go faster, so he can keep up with sms:ohsnap:

Also i reccomend using stereo audio or surround if that's a thing in srb2, since exe will emit a rumbling noise that you can use as a way to hear if exetior is near

oh yea shit the uhhhh the uhhhhhh gif yea gif i forgort that sorry
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This was a decent mod to play through. Making me realize just how far apart monitors were on big levels. One mistake can lead to you getting rekt by spooky blood eyes Sonic. Really adds to the tension with the removal of enemies and rings.

Some complaints, bosses were either a huge pain or downright impossible (looking at you VS Fang).

Maybe for bosses, Exterior can work like the Shadow Mario from Galaxy, if you stay in one place too long you die. Making players think before acting before going into a level.

Besides that, I had fun, and really made me put my map skills to the test!
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Game: You got ratio'd by Exetior.
Me: Well Dam
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Probably the most scared I've been playing SRB2, and I love how you can't even outrun Exetior, you gotta stall him. Although if you have one or two rings you might be able to just damage buff your way through any act, minus the bosses.
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Okay, upon closer inspection, THZ2 seems to be impossible as Tails, because of the opening section.

And you can't carry over a countdown from THZ1 since there are barely any monitors at the end of Act 1. G r e a t .

I don't think it's possible to beat ACZ3 either, as ANY character, Bummer.

(From the previous review: the countdown also counts down once for EVERY player in the session, making it twice as fast if just playing Sonic & Tails (WHICH SHOULDN'T BE POSSIBLE TO SELECT ANYWAY BECAUSE OF SONIC BECOMING EXETIOR).)
I didn't really test it on many stages and i tought the monitor countdown and the start delay was enough, I'm gonna try to fix all of this.
Also there was absolutely no reason to just disable sonic as a playable character, bet if i did so literally everyone would complain about that, this mod isn't even meant to be canon or story based
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