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[Open Assets] Override Rings 1.0

While fighting Eggman as usual Sonic fell into some radioactive liquid!
his quills became too weak to fight off enemies as usual, but he gained some psychic powers!

With great powers come great responsibilities, Sonic (or whoever you play as) will instantly die as soon as he attacks something or something attacks him, watch out!
To compensate Sonic can now control eggman's badnicks to his will!
To find a target just look towards something attackable (making a red lockon appear) and press C1 to throw a ring, if you hit the target you control it!

When controlling an enemy you will have a few options:
-Move it around, consuming energy
-Dismiss it and go back to the player with C1
-Make it explode destroying him and anything nearby with C2 (enemies with a yellow lockon will be attacked by the blast)
-Switch places with it with C3
Enemies can walk around any obstacle they can find, use them to your advantage
(Sonic will still be attackable when controlling an enemy though, a warning will appear when something dangerous is near him)
override ability 1.gif

(Note: since most enemy work differently in some way or another not all enemies are fully controllable and/or functioning, a list of these is at the end of the page)

Sonic has 9 rings to choose (7 normal and 2 special ones)! each have a cost and ability
-Red Rind: has no extra bonus, but its cheap (costs 1 ring)
-Automatic Ring: spammy and fast, an enemy controlled by this one will have extra speed (costs 3 rings)
-Bounce Ring: hit enemies will be able to jump (costs 7 rings)
-Scatter Ring: hit enemies will have more energy and thus can walk for more (costs 15 rings)
-Grenade Ring: hit enemies will have a bigger explosion radius when exploding from pressing C2 (costs 20)
-Explosion Ring: hit enemies will have an even bigger radius! but they will not be able to move.. (costs 30)
-Rail Ring: the targeted enemy will be instantly hit, doesnt matter how far they are (costs 50)

What about Super Sonic? he is still too weak to defend himself, but he can obtain the Super Ring, a powerful ring that will increase speed, make the enemy able to jump, and increase the radius! (costs 0!)
but what if we need something stronger?
by making enemies explode from the explosion of another, sonic will gain psychic energy, you will lose 5 energy every time you die, but if you reach 25..
you can enable the psychic boost, it lasts for a short time but allows sonic to instantly dodge any attack! (using psychic energy faster though) and he will also gain the psychic ring, a buffed version of the super ring that gives more speed, more jump force, more explosion radius and more energy when controlling a badnick! (costs 2 rings)

More info about the ability's controls are in-game, you can toggle them with the overrideringstips command
-Pyreflies and Pterabytes can't be moved and will move the way they usually move
-Some parts of Snappers will not move with him, this is corrected when the enemy is dismissed/swapped
-The Crushstacean claw can hit the player sometimes when swapping with a Crushstacean
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