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Disclaimer: since skincolors are the same for every player, the skincolors wont fully work in a netgame if multiple people use the same (for example only one player might be able to interact with the color while still changing it for everyone)

With that out of the way, Interactive Colors adds 6 new special skincolors, that change appearance based on different things, lets see how they work and look like:

Interactive Ring (SKINCOLOR_RINGI)
might look a bit ugly at first, but the more rings you get the shinier it gets!

Interactive Air (SKINCOLOR_AIRI)
The perfect color for a swim, it will shine as you go underwater/in space and will slowly become darker as your oxygen runs out (uses a different color when in space too)

Interactive Speed (SKINCOLOR_SPEEDI)
this color will look dark when standing, but quickly becomes very bright once you reach top speed!
it also likes Speed Shoes..a lot

Interactive Shield (SKINCOLOR_SHIELDI)
when obtaining a shield this color will slowly become the same color as the shield
(the colors of the different shields come from ARJ's static ones after he suggested them)

Interactive Custom (SKINCOLOR_CUSTOMI)
whats more interactive than something you can edit directly after all?
with the new setcustomcolor command you can change this color's movement from a boring black&white
to anything like a firey fire&orange or why not a rainbow? (the color is also saved when the game is closed)
interactive custom1.gif
interactive custom2.gif

Interactive Emerald (SKINCOLOR_EMERALDI)
this color will look dark green with no emeralds, but will alternate between the different emeralds you have as soon as you get at least 1
(idea for this skincolor comes from WarPear, the emeralds colors are from ARJ)

Interactive Fight (SKINCOLOR_FIGHTI)
this color will start from a dark red and become brighter as you hit more enemies,
getting hit will bring the color back to dark red and hitting bosses will make the color get brighter faster
interactive fight 1.gif
interactive fight 2.gif

I might add more of these in the future if I get ideas for them
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