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After loading the mod, start a new no-save file to get into the canvas, and start drawing!
You move with your mouse or WASD and you draw by left click or Jump
(note: the drawings in the gifs look bad cause I'm bad at drawing)
drawing with SRB2 Paint

To help with drawing/do some cool stuff there are plenty of console commands to help, these are some simple ones:
canvas_movecursor <x> <y>: moves the cursor to the given position
canvas_setcursorcolor <color>: changes the cursor's color to the given one, if 'canvas' is given as the color, the cursor's color will be the canvas' color in the cursor's position
canvas_setcursorspeed <speed>: changes the cursor's speed to the given one, the speed must be a number between 1-10
canvas_undo: cancels the last thing drawn, reverting the canvas back to before it
canvas_colorlist: gives a list of all possible colors
canvas_bucketfill <color>: spreads the given color until it finds a border, best used to fill shapes, big shapes may take a while to be fully filled
bucket fill
undo stuff

some commands are made to assist in drawing simple shapes or lines, these are:
canvas_draw: draws a pixel where the cursor is located, basically the same as pressing jump
canvas_drawline <length> <height> (color): draws a line starting from the cursor's position, if color is omitted the cursor's color will be used
canvas_drawrectangle <length> <height> (color): draws a rectangle starting from the cursor's position, if color is omitted the cursor's color will be used, adding '-fill' will make it draw the inside of the rectangle too
canvas_drawtriangle <length> <height> (color): draws a triangle starting from the cursor's position, if color is omitted the cursor's color will be used, adding '-fill' will make it draw the inside of the triangle too
canvas_drawcircle <radius> (color): draws a circle using the cursor's position as the center, if color is omitted the cursor's color will be used, adding '-fill' will make it draw the inside of the circle too
canvas_drawfull <color>: redraws the entire canvas to the given color
drawing lines
drawing shapes

to assist even more an extra cursor is here to help, when toggled it will say the distance in length and height between you and it on the bottom left of the screen, you can use that to use the draw commands more precisely, everything the helper can do is confined in a single command:
canvas_helper <action> (var1) (var2): makes the helper perform an action: toggle: makes the helper appear/disappear, var1 and var2 are not used; move <x> <y>: makes the cursor appear and moves it to the given position; snap <direction1> (direction2): makes the cursor appear and snaps its position to the given direction/s (up/down/left/right/center/cursor); findcolor <color>: will look every pixel for the given color and move its position to the first matching pixel found
example of what the helper can do

stamps are a part of the canvas that gets saved, allowing it to be pasted/printed somewhere else, 2 commands are related to it:
canvas_makestamp <length> <height> <stamp id>: saves the selected area as a stamp
canvas_printstamp <stamp id>: prints the selected stamp
example of a stamp

SRB2 Paint can save the canvas as a .bmp, if you want to import what you drew in srb2, you can simply convert the file to .png with an external software and then import it in your .wad/.pk3
SRB2 Paint can also read .bmp files, the file must be 320x200 and not all types of .bmp work
saving and loading uses 2 commands:
canvas_save <file name>: saves the canvas as a .bmp file
canvas_load <file name>: attempts to load a .bmp file to use as a canvas, the file must be located in luafiles/client/images, this operation will take a while

you read right, this paint mod adds conway's game of life too, for no reason other than fun
if you dont know what that is you can read about it here
you can toggle it with canvas_togglegol

you can host SRB2 Paint to draw together with friends, be aware that this is not 100% stable, some things are disabled and it may get laggy.

-Support for .png files hopefully?
-Support for .bmp files with different scale? (Can currently only open 320x200 images)
-Make netgames fully working
(This mod replaced gfz1 with an empty small map to reduce lag)
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Latest updates

  1. 1.7.1 (oops)

    * Fixed canvas_save and canvas_load not actually working on dedicated servers.
  2. 1.7 (Stability & more)

    * The canvas should no longer error sometimes when drawing out of bounds. - Dedicated servers...
  3. 1.6 (More fixes & QoL stuff)

    * Fixed the wrap fix from last version not always working. * Fixed canvas_save causing a crash...

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now i can draw sus
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Welcome to releases!
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