Battle Mode:
Plasma shot remaned by: Energy Plasma

Gravity Jump
In gravitation:
Sword Slash sprites
Gravity Jump sprites

Battle Mode:
Light Burst:
Energy Plasma

Sword Slash
Nitro Boost( I forgotten said in 2.5.7-2.5.8 what i am added a new ability - Nitro Boost. Nitro Boost: It's not really a dash mod. It's much better than that. He is worked in a speed sneakers)

Energy Plasma
Fixed a battle mode ability - Plasma Shot
Again fix a Light Burst and Plasma Shot
And nerfed Light Burst
bugFix a light burst and he is upgraded
Bugfix speed sneakers
Fixed a explotion a Plasma Shot
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i am forgotten a fix a spindash, but 2.5.3 is fixed!
Bugfix in a ULDC Spring 2020
Sword Slash
Nerfed Sword Slash in battle mode
Nerfed a Battle Mode
Fixed a Dodge
Dodge not work in battle mod
Nerfed abilities in battle mode
Fixed and upgraded sprites swordslash and edge
Added sprites from mod Samus 1.3 (Explode a beam).

Finally I was able to make it be just one version. And it now weighs little because I removed all the memes and secrets. Except for the 5 secrets. These are my native images. Sprites, meme images.
Custom hud
Speed Hud
Sword Slash

And notw sound's by SMS