Two amazing characters with some neat extras. Both have really nice graphics and full Battle mod support.

Blaze is pretty flexible and her handling during Burst Dash is really nice. She is well balanced despite all her moves and seems to fit right in with the main characters. If I have one complaint it's that her Burst Dash goes under spin ball gaps, unlike Espio's similair spin. Given how flexible and unique she is overall, it's a little odd that she can ball up in that one circumstance instead of sticking to her top spin.

Marine is a ton of fun. She's got the more straightfoward moveset but her flight takes some practice to fully take advantage of. While she's nearly identical to a certain plumber in a certain suit, she doesn't overlap with the other flight styles in the Sonic setting.
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i played this mod on my other laptop so it was laggy but the gameplay was great i even used it in a randomizer its not the best mod but its at least a good mod
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Both Blaze and Marine are very fun to play as! Not perfect, by all means, but the main problem I have is a more personal gripe rather than a problem with the mod itself.

+ Both Blaze and Marine have abilities that can be used by both beginners and experts. Both characters are really good at speedrunning nonetheless!

/ It's rather easy to softlock yourself out of getting a Sol Emerald. Pressing "Retry" doesn't seem to reset it... I would've preferred replacing the regular Chaos Emeralds with Sol Emeralds, but I am not sure how feasible that is.
/ During a run with Marine, after dying a few times I beat the Egg Coliseum without getting hit, at the game hard crashed trying to give me a Sol Emerald... Keep this in mind when playing as them.
/ The Sol Emeralds only seem to unlock Burning Blaze (And maybe Super Marine?), they are NOT required to get the best ending, only the Chaos Emeralds are!
/ Although I obviously haven't collected all 7 Sol Emeralds, it seems that since you get a specific color per boss, by the time you get all of them you would be fighting the final boss, meaning you wouldn't be able to use them all the same... But I cannot prove this, hence why its in "Notices" not "Negatives

Bottom line, both characters are very fun to play as, I just have a few nitpick with them.
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Download mod because Blaze is in it but Marine still is cool tho
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Great characters.
Blaze being great is pretty self evident, she has good sprite work, her slow fall from Rush, a mild double jump thing to sort of cover her tricks (and also it's good), and even a well integrated boost mode.

But what's less obvious, at least for someone like me who only downloaded for Blaze, one of the coolest Sonic characters, is that Marine is pretty great too. She's basically Racoon Mario, with all the fun that implies, plus her spritework is up to the same high level as Blaze.

I still haven't gotten the Sol emeralds, but I don't really like super forms that much anyway. (It would be nice if there was an option to disable the special music for the Chaos Emerald secret, though.)
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Great job man, this is a very cool srb2 mod, and I can see that a lot of work has been but into it. Keep up the good work!
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Oh cute cat.
Meow ( U wU)

Characters pack is...

Nice hot rock toys.
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This mod is great. I thought that if they could add sonic from rush and rush adventure, they could make the duo of sonic and blaze, I just think.
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Finally Update! But i Reviewed Rushchars As i Thought
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although this mod is absolutely AMAZING, i would love if you made a duo for sonic and blaze because that is an amazing duo and would make sense since those two are the only playable characters in rush and rush adventure.
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biaze is epic download doodleblaze lmao
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Okay so uhhh, I no hit the first boss (Didn't get hit ONCE in green flower 1, 2, or 3) and didn't get a sol emerald?
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Blaze feels like a redesigned and more powerful version of Metal Sonic and I love that. I can’t say anything special: beautiful, powerful and just nice.

But I don't like Marina at all. She feels like a hybrid of sonic and tails, only much more tedious. I don't feel comfortable controlling her powers, and her flight/levitation seems almost pointless and boring to me. I'll have much more fun playing as sonic than this character.

But otherwise, everything is as usual good: sprites, sounds, quality.
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btw this mod is cool
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Me:Wtf is this bl.....Marine:Did you mean Marine am i right?
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I think I main blaze now. The sheer sense of speed through the main game alone motivated me to actually get through dry canyon without dying for the first time. Amazing mod, I solidly recommend that everyone try this one.
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Ever since I heard in mid 2021 that this pack was coming out, I've been excited for it; like many, I really wished I had a release date to look forward to. Well, just recently, that day finally arrived, and I am not disappointed. Blaze especially is really fun to play, and all the sprites look professionally made. I also love how you can change the color of Blaze's fire effects—I'm pretty sure this is something I was hoping would be possible but didn't think it very likely. Thanks for a great mod!
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Love it, their controls are great. This'll absolutely end the pain in RVZ for sure. Liked the idea of having to defeat bosses without being hit. Really fun to play with!
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If "amazing" (6-star) was a thing, I would choose that. They're both fun to play as and very controllable.
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holy fuck this is niceeeeeeeee

also wait why is biaze so fun
i love it

with a fixed up 'boost' this character could become the best character on the mb no joke-
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