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Rift pack v3 graphic4x.gif

The pack is whatever theme it needs to be, a dimensional breech of racers across all realms for a simple kart race.

New for V3.2:
The imposter syndrome and bonus upgrade update:

Rift pack v3 roster selection.gif

Another new update to bring the pack into the new year.
check the video for little details.
As of 7-31-2020 Models for the 1.8 cast have not been constructed. please stay tuned

What's new:

This very tempered electrical tenrec sparks into the course, she may be on par with sonic but with a bit of extra weight to show others not to mess with her.

Speed: 8
Weight: 3


This timid fennec may be shy and sometimes worried a ton on how they'd perform on the course.
their acceleration on the other hand lets them get back up to speed much sooner resulting sudden strikes without second thought

Speed: 4
Weight: 3

Another portal recently opened up with this very energetic kangeroo on the track.
apparently found out someone wanted to have her in the race so she'd be happy to agree. She's a bit of a heavy one but can bully other racers on the course.

Speed: 4
Weight: 9

Here's the character breakdown!

Wave 1:
Kurt Wylde:

"Nobody Beats Kurt Wylde!"
Anyone remembered that tv movie called hot wheels world race? Well kurt wylde is here in his cocky glory to announce himself as the best driver on highway 35.

Speed: 7
Weight: 3


This guy seems determined but curious on his surroundings. He's on the slower aspect, but he can easily push oncoming rivals off course if given the chance.

Speed: 5
Weight: 8


Who's this mysterious fellow? Well he's here to compete. He can take time getting used to, but he's extremely proficient at catching up if you give him the opportunity to recover.

Speed: 8
Weight: 5


Originally a private test character to get into sprite work once more. Now he's completely decked out with a new coat of paint to fit more in line with the later characters in rift pack.
Just be careful not to take any damage with him or else you'll be carrying that guilt for a while.

Speed: 8
Weight: 6

Wave 2:
Alex Eggleston:

Representing Frankton, it's Alex Eggleston.....He tends to question where he's at despite being in a kart racer.

Speed: 3
Weight: 7

Conquering Storm:

Sporting her Reboot Design, this eggboss follows strength as a virtue to achieving one's goals. She may be quick, but when the situation gets rough, it becomes difficult for her to break out.

Speed: 6
Weight: 2


Sally's trusted companion and friend enters the scene, also using her reboot design (mostly to keep the theme of this update -author's note)
Maybe she like's to go on another stargazing journey for fun and for a bit of competition. Just be careful when you're in a crowded event.

Speed: 5
Weight: 2

Sally acorn:

The princess of the kingdom of acorn received an urgent message about the odd realms opening different worlds to compete in kart racing.
Appearing in her reboot design, she's relatively quick on her feet to get out of situations fast, just don't be too reckless now.

Speed: 7
Weight: 3
Wave 3:

Instead of participating in combat, this time it's more about driving skills than fighting.
She can gain an upper lead relatively quick with drifts to boot, try to stop her before she's way out in front.

Speed: 8
Weight: 5

Cream's kindhearted mother decides to join along with cream in this race instead of being on the spectators side.
She might not be the best speed wise, but she can make it up for a nice spark rate.

Speed: 4
Weight: 6

The talented singer that was once a freedom fighter back in the day decided to partake in this inter dimensional race. on one hand she's doing it for fun, the other sending her band and vocal talent to greater heights in terms of popularity.

Speed: 7
Weight: 6

Bunnie Rabbot
Sally's loyal friend and wife of antione, she's always a person you can trust by your side.
Relatively quick and hard to knock off, but once an item comes into affect. it might cost everything.

Speed: 7
Weight: 8
Wave 4:
The Technical side of the babylon rouges enters the competition with a tweaked stated kart to get around some turns more easier than your average speed character.
Speed: 4
Weight: 3

Axel (kingdom hearts)
Move out of the way, axel is fired up for this heated competition. guess after the race is a simple ice cream break with his friends.
Speed: 5
Weight: 4

Wave 5:
A resident from sunset heights appears on the scene i guess, they don't seem too interested in anything aside from blasting out the double boost theme whenever they can.
Speed: 6
Weight: 3

A legendary hero from the past given the title upon most bravery and courage.
now playing around in a standard kart race. He might have a few tricks up his sleeve
Speed: 4
Weight: 5

one of the members from tails skypatrol sporting their recent design.
this hazy but dangerous bun is no joke. sure it may have an average speed, but it's weight has a chance to knock any racer off course if unaware.
Speed: 5
Weight: 7

A legendary hero from the past given the title upon most bravery and courage.
now playing around in a standard kart race. He might have a few tricks up his sleeve
Speed: 4
Weight: 5

one of the members from tails skypatrol sporting their recent design.
this hazy but dangerous bun is no joke. sure it may have an average speed, but it's weight has a chance to knock any racer off course if unaware.
Speed: 5
Weight: 7

Wave 6:

What lies in fear is reality; this racer speeds into track while being able to maintain his composure on the course.


(he comes with a special pain vfx in the lua version)
Speed: 9
Weight: 7


Someone who fine knows how to properly know all about propane and propane accessories surely know how to navigate in a fun kart race, right?

Speed: 2
Weight: 8

Bonus Chars: (basically characters i did not plan on making or made for special occasions)
Cardboard Eggman:
We finally got Modern Eggman In the game! Sort of...
Apparently despite being made out of smooth cardboard, its sheer power of words make the vehicle move at an unexpected rate.

Speed: 1
Weight: 8

Stick C. Maximum:
The 2019 april fools character.
Fun fact: This was how i used to draw any character at the time. Give them a giant cyclops eye, and always be in the profile perspective, but in this race, we get to see some cursed perspectives you have never seen before.

Speed: 10
Weight: 1

Cdi Link:
Very Self explanatory.
it was also a bet between someone on the kart krew Server. Hope your ready to bomb some racers with this ancient character.

Speed: 6
Weight: 3

Hella Tails
Out of the hidden corners of who know's where. this freakish being know's no bounds...well aside from not being able to get much speed.

Speed: 3
Weight: 1

Johnny Test
Resident from the city of porkbelly received and invitation into the racing cross over, guess that means super champion of the world is upon us.
Speed: 8
Weight: 3

Bling Bling Boy
Joining with johnny also is a funky fresh boy who sang a powerful rap for 4 hours straight also enters to hope to impress his love, susan test. (i hate writing this -authors note)
Speed: 8
Weight: 8

the comfy bappy chair
(2020's april fools day character)

Cool fun facts: Tyonic, Cyros, And gamma are voiced by me. You may find some similar tones with Tyonic and Cyros. That's because Tyonic doesn't really have much of a voice so lets pretend he wanted to mimic the latter.

Character internal names:
planning to bind skins to the console?
here's the name's that are used.
Can you guess what some of the skin names are referencing?
tyonic = Tyonic
Some_Niche_Character = Kurt Wylde
D_Rift = Gamma
Gear = Cyros
Announcement = Cardboard Eggman
April_Fools_Ya_Dummy = Stick C. Maximum
Dodongos = Cdi link
YIIK = Alex Eggleston
Connie = Conquering Storm
Nikki = Nicole
Sally = Sally
PepperC.Dab = Peppercat
wholesome_mom = Vanilla
vocal_triangle = Mina
egg.scarlet = Bunnie
i_warned_stairs = hella tails
Whipcrack.wad = Johnny Test
Whipcrack.rap = Bling bling boy
Smug_bird = Wave
Names_Lea = Axel
Smug_Panda = Manh
J.combat = Julie
bap.co_AF2020 = bap
Erdrick = Hoes_mad
Carrotia = GoofyBun
Infinite = Zeros
Hank Hill = propane
Surge = ElectricPineapple
Kit = Aquatic_fennic

Do note: Kurt Wylde And Stick C. Maximum need to have the end of their names cut off slightly so it can fit the 16 character limit on skin names.

If you're curious what NB and b stand for.

NB means no bonus chars, Use this if you prefer what the character pack intended to have.

B means Bonus only. you like screaming cardboard a ton but want to keep the rest of the goofs along the ride? this is your chance for chaos.

With the ever growing roster and the inevitability of future packs reaching in the 20+ characters. I've made a separate character folder to let people freely pick what characters you specifically want to add.

Voice changes
I made some silly vocal edits, one being a favor towards a certain character in the pack.
Make sure to load these after launching rift pack or their solo character variant

Effects apply to: Johnny test, Bling Bling Boy, and Vanilla.

Md3 support:
The launch characters of rift pack and the newly added 1.6 cast now have md3 support!
excluding a certain you know who, that'll be tba at a later time. have an alex instead.

What you need to do in order to install these is to right click and edit the mdls.dat file in notepad or any text program
in there, scroll all the way to the bottom and make space for these lines:

D_rift KRIFT/D_rift.md3 3.0 0.0
YIIK KRIFT/YIIK.md3 3.0 0.0
Announcement KRIFT/CB_EGGMAN.md3 3.0 0.0
Dodongos KRIFT/CDI_LINK.md3 3.0 0.0
April_Fools_Ya_D KRIFT/April_Fools_Ya_Dummy.md3 3.0 0.0
Tyonic KRIFT/TYONIC.md3 3.0 0.0
GEAR KRIFT/GEAR.md3 3.0 0.0
Once you've pasted that in the free space you've made, save and open the open-gl.bat file and turn on 3dmodels in video setting. you'll now witness the supported characters in their 3 dimensional form.

I'll plan on crafting more updates once a while for new characters and visual upgrades to older ones.
Hope you enjoy the release! Feedback is welcome as usual.

Thank you for playing rift pack.

-Initial Release

-Cdi Link: Fixed an oversight where the steering wheel is in front of his legs

-Tyonic: Completely Overhauled sprite work to match the rest of the character quality for rift pack
-Added Alex Eggleston
-Cyros: New vocal's constructed and adjusted

-Cyros: Visual adjustments sprite quality along with a new signpost background
-Gamma: New wanted icon
-Cdi link: Fixed pain sprite oversight and adjusted the vocal volume

-no new changes to the older cast were added :^)
-A new personal Mb banner created for the pack
-Added Conquering Storm
-Added Nicole

-Added Sally acorn
-Added PepperCat

-Tyonic: Brand new pain sprite and corrections to the sprite
-Cyros: Adjusted visual quality on the sprites
-Nicole: Adjusted visual quality on the sprites
-Sally: Adjusted visual quality on the sprites
-Added: Vanilla, Mina, Bunnie and Hella Tails
Md3 support for the rift pack v1 characters + Alex (kurtwylde tba)

-Peppercat: signpost name error fixed
-Bunnie: shading and colors tweaked to make other colors feel nicer to use
-Added Johnny Test
-Added Bling Bling Boy
-Added Wave
-Added Axel
-Added Julie
-Added Manh
-Added bap
Md3 support for the rift pack v1.6 characters

Johnny Test: Voice audio has been adjusted
Bling Bling Boy: Voice audio has been adjusted

-Added Erdrick
-Added Carrotia
: very minor sprite adjustment thanks to a certain someone

Cyros: Overhauled Sprite work
Gamma: Overhauled Sprite work
Tyonic: Overhauled Sprite work
-Added Infinite
-Added Hank hill

Julie: Overhauled Sprite work
-Added Surge
-Added Kit

MeloSoni: Providing voice lines for kit
Tiniest Turtles: Alex Md3 & assistance on md3 construction
Jeck Jims: assistance on md3 construction
Prufstudent: Cardboard eggman & Cdi link md3s
Callmore: providing the lua script for the infinite vfx
Marsh: Giving me assistance and pointers on sprite art
DimN'go: Providing sprites for cyros and gamma's in the v3 showcase video
Kart krew discord: for the people supporting me for the year i've been there
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