Welcome to the release of Dimension Break!

This pack varies from original courses, ports from different games or re imaginings of levels from other games.

New For v2.8F: Encore's and Underwater facility (+Small patch work!)

Given the situation that i want to hold on making dimension break v3.
i went out of my way to make some quick fixes to two existing maps.
Since this update isn't substantial enough to bump a number, info about 2.8 will remain here. See the patch notes for details.

Introducing Aquatic Citadel!
In the outskirts of the fractured skies, lies an underwater facility under upmost secrecy.
Studying ways to chemically engineer new ideas within their base of operations. each start is a brand new beginning.

New Encore, New experience!

All maps in dimension break are fully encore supported!
some come with their own unique gimmicks. although, there is one map that was mysteriously left out, stay tuned for details.

So here's the map breakdown.
Map 68: SD2 Dark Valley 2 - Sonic Drift 2 (port)
Map 69: SD2 Milky Way - Sonic Drift 2 (port)
Map CG: NKR Into Dimension X - Nickelodeon Kart racers (port)
Map X5: MKSC - Luigi Circuit (Port): You ever think about having more mario kart maps in your life? well here's one spawning from the gba title mario kart super circuit.
Map WL: Simulation Grounds
Map PS: Twisted Valley: The once safehaven, now twisted megalopolis looming in the stormy night sky, lies racer's with sharp twists and turns around the outer lands of the chaotic city in this challenging map.
Map X6: Aquatic Citadel
Map MR: Musshrom Villadge - Supra Mayro Krat (port)
Map S7: SD2 Death Egg - Sonic Drift 2 (port)
Map 86: Lost Nexus (A.T.A.P)






What is A.T.A.P?
Another Time Another Place. A criteria for extremely old maps I've built prior to other maps i made for dimensional break.
-Lost Nexus zone: To keep the story short, it's a case of I've bitten off more than i can chew combined with the mass amount of issues i had putting the entire track together. I decided to go back and fix any issues i can find then add it into the pool of hell maps as a special course.
I do plan on making a brand new version of this someday, so think of this as a little piece of my creative history.

Hope you enjoy the release! feel free to send feedback whenever possible as i plan to make updates for this whenever i can.
Note: There won't be anymore map ports for a long time. Short answer, i want to continue building original maps and dabble into reimaginings for the pack. There's only one more map port planned, so what's introduced that'll be the end of map ports for dimension break.

Soc file?

Speaking of ports, in the downloads there's a zip called MinusPorts
use this if you're particularly not fond of the map ports at the cost of record attack.
(Author's note: milky way's excluded however, I found it substantial enough to be sort of classified as it's own thing.)

Thing Type numbers
953 = MT_TIKE
954 = MT_LUBLP
955 = MT_LSCT
956 = MT_TYEE
957 = MT_HSX

Change log:
-Initial release

-Shortened file name to "DimBrk" to benefit servers
Dark Valley 2:
- Adjusted spawn points to prevent from getting into a pseudo gbj
Milky Way:
- Retooled waypoints
- Repositioned meteors for better clarity and less chance of getting into bumper land
- Slightly extended the turns in death egg
Added Musshrom Villadge

-Added Staff Replays
Milky Way:
-Added specific death planes to prevent players driving under the map
Added Into dimension x
Added Simulation Grounds
Added Lost Nexus
Added a standalone SD2 Death Egg 2 as a hell map

Added Twisted Valley
NKR Into Dimension X:
-Added Death plane on inside the low gravity portion of the map
SD2 Death Egg:
-Moved To MapS7 to hopefully not conflict with other maps
Simulation Grounds:
-Adjusted Section 2 to be made much easier to navigate while an spb is targeted
2.1 Hotfix:
Made quick adjustments to twisted valley; better distinct death planes and walls, lowered shortcut ramp to prevent accidental deaths, and two additional signs in one of those sections. My Apologies for the situation.

Added MKSC Luigi Circuit
Twisted Valley
-Added minor visual tweaks
-Added a slower section next to the final spring section for players struggling to navigate
-Spring hopping is now safer to navigate
-Fixed the parsing error regarding the music change linedef executor
Simulation Grounds
-Fixed section 1's first checkpoint due to an oversight in building the course.
-Added minor visual tweaks
Milky Way
-Fixed the parsing error regarding the music change linedef executor

Twisted Valley
-Completely overhauled the final section to something more easier to approach but scary to fall off.
-Visual Facelift in a few areas.
-Checkpoint issue resolved
-1st set of items pushed away for a more successful rate at obtaining
Simulation Grounds
-More than one teleport destination has been included in every entry/exit point of the map
-Tweaked a few visuals
-added death plane in section 2 if an spb catches you
Luigi Circuit
-Puddles now have hurtboxes like the gba counterpart at the cost of removing a few to prevent random injuries at the start. (hope you like your muscle memory challenged)
Into Dimension x
-removed a few unnecessary death planes
Milky Way
-More death planes were added to prevent another case of gbjs
Dark Valley 2
-Oversight on all checkpoints has been corrected
-Wider springs

-All maps are now encore supported (music alts coming soon)
Twisted Valley
-Few layout adjustments and minor safety nets were added
-Glass sprites conflicting midnight meadow has been corrected
Milky Way
-added one last set of death planes within the sd2 death egg portion
Added Aquatic Citadel

Aquatic Citadel
-Telegraphing issues adjusted
-Last section water chute's strength decreased
-Small visual tweaks
-Fixed checkpoint oversight
Twisted Valley
-removed the right side fencing during the last section
-added an additional checkpoint to ease on severe punishment.
Simulation Grounds
-Flashtic's were added upon exiting and entering a section.
-Fixed one teleporter issue in a vague room

Sprite assets: Phantom ruby portal sprites | Sonic Mania
Electric poles, meteors, skyboxes | Sonic Drift 2
Mushrooms, houses, skybox | Supra Mayro Krat

Music: Milky way, Death egg and dark valley | Sonic Drift 2
Musshrom Villadge | Supra Mayro Krat
Knight's Passage | Sonic And The Black Knight
Ryukenden | Soft Maniac
Escape From Dimension X | Nickelodeon Kart Racers
Tornado Defense Act 1/2 | Sonic Unleashed
Mario/Peach/Luigi Circuit | Mario Kart Super Circuit
Emergency Code Duel (Miniboss) | Phantasy Star Online 2

Special thanks to the kart krew discord server for helping me through the entire process on understanding zone builder and advice for building maps
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