- Glaceon and Sylveon has been totaly reskin. Made by Deoxius.
- Isaac join the race with his very small kart.

The old Version of Sylveon will still be in the pack ; so there are currently 3 sylveon in the pack.
However, the old version of Glaceon will not be here. You can still have both version in the individual Zip file if you want the old one.
The two version of Sylveon has different ID while both Glaceon share the same one.


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- GLACEON : Removed the all the flying pixel from the side view.
- Dc FETUS : Changed his color palette and added the missing light on his hat for the back view.
- MORK : Better drift ; no flying pixel ; Better Alt F4
- Added Glass Joe, from Punch out. Vive la France!
- Edited Sylveon & Umbreon color palette.
- Fixed some flying pixel on Dj Albert.
- And probably some other stuff but I can't remember what it was.