Mysteries Zone - Chapter one

Mysteries Zone - Chapter one 1.4

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Hello! I would like to present to you a demo level from the lvl pack, which I am planning to make.


The action takes place in the best zone (it's joke, hah) in the game - the Azure Temple.


This level is relatively linear, it has puzzles and tricks. There are 4 emblems on it, some of them are very difficult to pick up.


The main purpose of posting a level is to get feedback. I think what I have done is terrible. But maybe it can be saved? How long did you go through the first time?


I recommend playing in software mode. Also, I recommend disabling sound commenting, hud (F3) and FPS counter. This will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere.
And yes - go to the sign at the beginning of the level! I wish you the best of luck and I hope you can complete this level.



This level is for demonstration purposes. I plan to make four such levels for four characters (Sonic, Amy, Metal Sonic and Fang). But the creation of one level took too long, and I decided to lay out the first level.
I confess I don't like what I did. It seems to me that it is too complicated, and most importantly, too cramped. I don't know if I will continue to make this pack on the condition that it took so long. I did one level for 4 months! That's horrible! Although, this is probably due to the fact that I alone did it.

Attention! Spoilers! I hope you have completed the level before reading.

I wanted to make the main feature - a teleport to other zones, but at the current level I got it just disgusting. I do not know how to do ACZ. I know he looks terrible.


- Firs Release


- Fixed sign


Now this is the "First chapter"

- Improved tooltip with three statues
- Removed unnecessary information that was associated with the second act
- Fixed the moments in which the player got stuck
- Minor changes


- Fixed a bug due to which in new versions this level was unpassable

Many thanks to the RU community for testing and suffering! Special thanks to Dead for the spell checker and Ketchup for his great contributions in correcting errors.

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Latest reviews

This is an unusual experience for me (Even though I don't like Azure Temple). Some of the puzzles are quite interesting, as are the secrets themselves. The level would actually be much better if it had more platforming like AGZ and less confusion for a silly guy like me.
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A very strange but interesting experiment. I like it!
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