King of the Hill!

[Reusable] King of the Hill! v1.2

King of the Hill
Battle your friends and come out as King!

Inspired by conventional King of the Hill gameplay, and inspired from the exact Level pack that existed during the 1.09.4 era, it's back by absolutely no demand at all.

What's different in this release compared to previous releases? For starters, different knockback! Let's talk about mechanics!

When you're at the top of the hill, and in range of a flag, your character is given a little sparkle aura.

Don't be confused. This aura doesn't protect you by any means.

In fact, others that also have the Aura are more susceptible to dangerously increased knockback.

As a bonus, and for added flare, your character emits a smoke trail ala Smash bros. and colored to that of your opponents color when hitting them off the edge.

However, when you're not competing for the top of the hill, you're not given this Aura effect. As such, your knockback damage is comparable to that of Vanilla SRB2 Ringslinger.

Sometimes your opponent will be flung in the direction of a Death Pit. Sometimes this makes for quick games, however, we don't want to immediately spell out the end for your opponent. That's why there are a number of islands scattered around the main map center. If you're lucky, you may be launched to one of these islands.

So far Floral Canyon is the only map that makes use of these faraway islands. Other maps included in this pack either have limited (Interactable scenery platforms), or no islands at all. I would however love to see the creativity of the community shine through with future King of the Hill maps.

What's included?
  • Mapthing Number 3401- The custom flag object featured in this map pack.
    • This flag is responsible for controlling the "Aura" effect that players receive. If you want knockback as shown in the images above, this is a requirement.
    • The Aura is modifiable via setting Lua.flagrange = <num> in the SOC level header. By default, if not provided, is 1024. This number is multiplied by FRACUNIT in the code, so there is no need for you to do so.
    • The Aura will not apply under the following circumstances:
      • The Player mobj's z position is lower than that of the flag
      • The Player mobj's distance is outside that of the Lua.flagrange SOC Level header, or it's default distance of 1024*FRACUNIT.
  • Custom TypeOfLevel options - This mod features a custom TypeofLevel "KOTH" that you can give your custom map!
  • Custom Maps
    • MAPK1- Floral Canyon Zone - Made by SRB2-Playah
    • MAPK2* - Pain Chamber Zone - by SRB2-Playah
    • MAPK3 - City Scape by CZ64
    • MAPK4 - Tempest Cove Zone by Flame
    • MAPK5 - Diamondspire Peak Zone by SRB2-Playah
    • MAPK6 - Water Hill Zone Made by ??? (Lost to time), edited by Flame
  • Added a bit of leniency to the way awarding score works.
    • As long as your controlled player's z + player height is within range of the flag on the z axis, you will now be awarded score.
  • Hud Compass
    • The flag is usually in a centered spot of the map. The compass will now help point you to the direction of the flag.
    • Thanks to CobaltBW for allowing me to use this from his Battlemod code.

    • Fixed a bug where you would not gain score in Water Hill Zone when on the top of the hill
    • Fixed a texture offset issue in the same map

  • Point allocation changes
    • No longer tied to the level
    • Point allocation is now tied to the flag and whether or not you have the aura effect.
  • Initial release

* - Indicates a map, level, or other piece of content that has been included but is not yet complete, has been included but left unused, or has been excluded entirely, from the package.
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Latest reviews

Welcome to releases! It's pretty cool to see an old gametype like this make a comeback! Ringslinger doesn't get a lot of play these days, but its nice seeing some support for it! The inclusion of extra knockback with a trail effect for Hill-capturing players was a great idea too!

I'm pretty disappointed at the lack of real compatability for Battle Mod regardless; the King of the Hill mode will still use Ringslinger, and while the maps can be loaded in other modes, the flag area prints out points even in a mode like Control Point, resulting in two places you can earn points in.

I also would have really liked something similar to Control Point where the flag location is on the HUD. Even if the Hill is in the same spots on these maps each time, it would help newcomers and be a good way for any player to reorient themselves with the objective.

Overall, not bad!
I appreciate the feedback! Most of these concerns have been addressed in the latest release! (v1.2 at the time of writing)
Still no Battlemod support however.
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