I did an oopsie and messed something up worse, so I fixed it.
A really small patch that fixes a few bugs that were either found by me or pointed out by people in the forums. As a bonus, Mighty can now jump out of Hammer Drop Landing.
The mod now supports ChaotixChars! Unfortunately due to how Espio, Vector, and Heavy work, this means DashMode had to be removed from everyone but Metal since I wanted it to be consistent. If there are people who still want to use it, I'll upload a version that still has it without ChaotixChars compatibility. There are also a few additional changes below.
1. To compensate for the loss of DashMode, Super Jump Boost has been restored and every character can run on water without it.
2. The player's drawangle now matches their angle, most notably improving the control on Knuckles' Glide and Amy's Hammer.
3. Heavy's Train Rush now retains momentum when only holding forward.
4. Heavy's Train Dash (Double Tap / Air Input) now retains momentum regardless of input at the cost of reduced steering a la Unleashed Boost. You can also now hold it forever.
5. Espio can now roll out of his Air Ability.
6. Vector's Air Ability Cancel now puts him in the fall state instead of the jump state. I originally wanted to allow him to roll out of it like Espio, but it broke when I tried that so I instead made it match the state he enters after 2 failed Wall Bounces.
7. All ChaotixChars use similar stats to the basegame characters, with changes in tow.
8. AccelStart has been nerfed for everyone but Heavy from 100 to 40 to make them feel closer to the Classics. To reach normalspeed faster, you can cancel the Spin Dash instantly after pressing Spin.
9. Every ChaotixChar but Heavy now retains momentum during their Air Action, similar to Sonic's JumpThok. Unlike that ability, however, they have a set starting speed of 36*FRACUNIT instead of 0.
10. Mighty's Spring Twirl now has the same properties as a normal Spring Launch.
11. Heavy's normalspeed has been buffed from 10 to 12, but his maxdash has been nerfed from 48 to 36.
12. Bouncing on an enemy after using an Air Ability and entering the jump state refreshes your ability. This most notably effects Sonic, Espio, and possibly Mighty, though that's untested.
Beta for another update, this time a bit larger. Had to reupload because limiting Air Options and Recurl to base game characters broke a few things.
1. Fang's ability has been completely reworked.
a. Popgun can now be fired in the air. Landing during the finish state allows you to cancel the weapondelay and attack again on the ground, kind of like Mega Man.
b. Popgun can now be used at any speed.
c. Holding Use after the Popgun finish state ends allows you to drop a Bomb in place if no enemies are nearby, or throw them in an arc if there is one nearby. It has a bit of startup and endlag, but it can be canceled by landing just like the Popgun
d. Bouncing now causes a Bomb to appear with vertical momentum, unlike the Drop and like his boss battle.
2. Mod has now been limited to only base-game characters. I know this isn't the ideal solution, but to make it compatible with other mods would require a good understanding of them, which I lack.
To-Do: Make Fang's Bombs have the same properties as Amy's Hammer.
Note: Fang's Popgun had to be separated from the main mod due to errors involving being able to use it. I recommend loading it before Momentum+.
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Had to reupload because I missed something.
1. Fixed any inconsistencies I've found, mainly regarding Amy's Air Spin.
2. Nerfed Tails' and Metal's Flight abilities.
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