24 racers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pack now includes separate PK3s! Simply download the pack and there will be a folder containing each character separately.

Now featuring EVEN MORE character overhauls!!!



Also featuring...


Mario Kart 64's Pipe Frame as a Kartmaker template!


V11K (11/29/20)

A new kart template, the Pipe Frame from Mario Kart 64, is included in the pack.
  • The following characters now use the pipe frame: Mario, Luigi, Metal Mario, Mona, 9-Volt & 18-Volt, Ashley, Wario-Man, Paper Mario, and Mario & Luigi.
  • Wario-Man has been reshaded to be more in-line with the other characters.

V11 - SUPER (11/29/20)

= Added Lucas.

= Redrew Mario.
  • Internally named "KC_SuperMario".

= Redrew Luigi.
  • Internally named "KC_SuperLuigi".

= Redrew Metal Mario.
  • Internally named "KC_MetalMario_R".

= Redrew Kumatora.
  • Internally named "KC_Kumatora_R".

= Redrew Pit.
  • Internally named "KC_ClassicPit".

= Redrew Ramona.

= Redrew Paper Mario.
  • Internally named "KC_PaperMario_R".

  • Minor sprite fixes were made for 9-Volt & 18-Volt, Wario-Man, Alex, Osomatsu, and JFK.
  • Fixed Super Show Mario's prefcolor to be crimson instead of rosewood.

V10 (10/23/20)

= Redrew Mario & Luigi.
  • Internally, this new Mario & Luigi is "KC_MarioandLuigi_R". The original design can still be found in KC Separate as its own file (KC_MarioandLuigi), and both can be loaded simultaneously with no problems.

= Added Osomatsu (Osokart).

= Added Karamatsu (KARAMATSU AGOGO).

= Added 2D.

  • Revised Ramona and Wario-Man's signpost graphics and associated portraits.
  • Fixed the prefixes for Kart 8 Mario, Kart 8 Luigi, Metal Mario, Kumatora, Pit, Mob, Reigen, Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi (Original), and Super Show Mario in their individual .PK3s to be unique to prevent conflict.
  • Fixed Kart 8 Mario's drift frames so he glances in the direction he's turning.

V9 (10/11/20)

= Added Biker Wario.

= Added Mona.

= Added 9-Volt & 18-Volt.

= Added Ashley (Redesign).

= Added Wario-Man.

  • Revised JFK's small portrait to make the chosen color more clear.

V8 (10/4/20)

= Added Ramona Flowers.

= Added JFK.

  • Reordered some of the characters on the character select screen to make more sense.

V7 (1/2/20)

= Added Alex.

  • Fixed a bug involving certain character's rank, mini-map, and wanted portraits loading with a bad sprite name in the full PK3.
  • For some reason, I can't actually attach files to the thread anymore, so the upload link is now a Google Drive link to the .zip.

V6 (4/7/19)

= Added Mob.

= Added Reigen.

V5 (3/30/19)

= Added Luigi.

  • Reorganized characters by franchise and type.

V4 (3/23/19)

= Added Pit.

= Removed all LUA files and adjusted character palettes accordingly.

  • Super Show Mario's shirt is now cyan.
  • Kumatora's dress now entirely changes color.
  • Mario & Luigi have their overalls change color. Kart color also matches overalls.

V3 (2/13/19)

= Added Mario and Metal Mario.

= Added an additional download for individual PK3s.

  • Unnecessary files have been removed from Goombakart.

V2 (2/9/19)

= Added a LUA-less version of the pack (KC_mitpack_v2.pk3) for replay support and general support going forward.
  • Mario and Luigi's overalls + kart change color in KCL pack.
  • Super Show Mario's cap and overalls change color in KCL pack.
= Fixed some things about Kumatora.
  • Both of her boost voice clips will now play properly. No idea why they didn't before.
  • Rebalanced her slightly (weight 3 -> 4).
= Goombakart now has attacking voice lines.
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