MB's Track Stack

[Open Assets] MB's Track Stack 3.2

In this update, the new track 'Hyper Hydro Zone' makes its debut to the Metro cup (MAPHT)

Fixed boss waypoint numbering errors on all of the maps that would cause the player rankings to mess up around checkpoints. They should (hopefully) work as intended now, but let me know if anymore issues come up
This update adds the track 'Skybound Shrines' to the Venture Cup (MAPSI)

I've also gone back and reduced the file sizes of all previous maps by reducing the size of the music files.
As always, be sure to notify me of any issues that pop up or feedback
Fixed an issue where the water in Glacial Halls would display the default sky texture in Opengl gameplay
Yo, i'm back

This update introduces 2 new tracks to race on, one for each cup:

Metro Cup 2 - Downtown Dash (MAPDS)


Venture Cup 2 - Jungle Twist Zone (MAPJD)


There's also a minor update to Tidal Town and Glacial Halls that now allows them to be played in record attack mode
This update includes a few changes to Tidal Town and Glacial Halls

Tidal Town
  • Changed the texture used for the offroad shortcuts to improve visibility
  • Reduced the width of the first two shortcuts a little
  • Added a few shatter blocks to the first two shortcuts (They can be broken upon impact)
  • Added some directional arrows to the second half of the track
  • Slightly moved the boost panels in the last section of the track
Glacial Halls
  • Added directional arrows to a few different sections of the track
  • Adjusted the iceberg section to have smoother terrain
  • Removed the FOF in the iceberg section (replaced with springs instead)
  • Blocked off some sections in the castle to make the intended layout more clear
  • Reduced the height of the tower section to reduce blind spots a little
  • Changed the snow on the wall section to weak offroad
  • Increased the width of the wall section
  • Added an extra shortcut to the wall section
  • Added animation to the boost panels
Please let me know if there are any issues!